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Little fresh chasing drama | Ancient puppet intensive farming, period drama mainstreaming, high-concept innovation, these 22 dramas hit 630W+ this year? _Theme_Rating_Douban

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Little fresh chasing drama | Ancient puppet intensive farming, period drama mainstreaming, high-concept innovation, these 22 dramas hit 630W+ this year? _Theme_Rating_Douban

Original Title: Xiao Xian Chasing Dramas | Ancient puppet intensive farming, period drama mainstreaming, high-concept innovation, these 22 dramas won 630W+ this year?

Douban, with its fairness that is difficult to control, has become a scoring platform that film and television professionals and even the audience care about.

Every drama hopes to achieve a double harvest of word-of-mouth and popularity. If the Douban score is a key indicator to measure the reputation of a drama,Then the number of ratings is an important factor to measure the popularity of a film and television drama.

For this, cooking small fresh (pengxx01Counted 100,000+ drama series with Douban ratings in 2022, a total of 22, Among them, there are 11 in 10-20W, 7 in 20-50W, and 4 popular dramas in 50W+with a total score of 630W+

Year-on-year in 2021, Douban has a total of 28 dramas with a score of 4 or more and 100,000+ ratings, of which 11 are 10-20W, 14 are 20-50W, and 2 are 50W+.

In horizontal comparison, in 2022, the national drama market will achieve double-speed growth at the level of top hit works, attracting more users to enter the market; the waist production will be relatively tightened, and it will still take time to settle and ferment.

What is worthy of recognition is that this year’s 22 10W+ works have achieved progress in terms of theme innovation, sophisticated production, and emphasis on scripts.The average score of Douban is about 7.17To a certain extent, it reflects the lively situation of the national drama market this year.

Data source: Douban

Deadline: December 19, 2022 (click to enlarge)


The strong rise of ancient puppets, “The Beginning” knocks on the door of unlimited streaming

Compared with the data of 2 in 2020 and 2 in 2021, the number of Douban ratings in 2022 will reach 50W+, and there will be 4 hit dramas on the top of the pyramid, namely“Meng Hua Lu”, “The Beginning”, “Cang Lan Jue”, “Agarwood Like Crumbs·Agarwood Heavy Flower”

As of press time, the number of Douban ratings for the web drama “Brilliant Stars·Moon Rising to the Sea” has reached 49W+, which is only one step away from 50W+.

Obviously, this year’s drama market is an out-and-out “ancient puppet year” in terms of subject matter popularity.

“Menghualu” is particularly worth mentioning.

At the same time, as the first hot drama in this summer, topics such as “Zhao Paner Saves the Wind and Dust”, “Gu Qianfan’s Fate”, and “The Lost Six Thousand Guans” have sparked discussions on the entire network, directly driving the continuation of the follow-up ancient puppet track. High fever, a good start for similar works.

The reason is that the high-value CP of Liu Yifei×Chen Xiao is very impressive.Screenwriter Zhang Wei’s painstaking grasp of the female core narrative, and director Yang Yang’s delicate shaping of the atmosphere of light and shadowas well as the exquisite service throughout the play, the respect and inheritance of traditional culture such as ordering tea, etc. are all worthy of recognition, and they together form such a beautiful and tasteful masterpiece.

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Overall,All 4 ancient puppets are more than excellent in terms of high appearance and CP sense“Zhao Paner × Gu Qianfan”, “Dongfang Yuanwai × Xiao Lanhua”, “Ying Yuan × Yan Dan”, “081 × Cheng Shaoshang” 4 pairs of CPs will also be deeply imprinted in the hearts of drama fans, and continue to release long-term value .

Breaking down the differences, “Menghualu” has an excellent atmosphere, “Canglanjue” is better at visual effects and OST, and “Agarwood Rubbles·Agarwood Chonghua” strengthens the sense of fate of the lingering entanglement between the male and female protagonists;

“The Brilliant Stars · The Moon Rises to the Sea” strengthens the group portraits on the basis of the original IP,Turn pure ancient puppets into ancient family dramasExpanding user portraits, perhaps because of this, it has achieved a contrarian rise in popularity and business value.

Among the popular puppet shows, “The Beginning” is particularly unique.

The industry generally believes that “The Beginning”, as a high-concept drama with a time-cycle narrative, has the advantage of innovative themes in order to trigger an upsurge in drama viewing across the Internet. In fact, this drama is not the first work to adopt the new theme of unlimited streaming. As early as 2016, similar online dramas appeared.

“The Beginning” can trigger discussions across the Internet, and the high concept is just the shell. It uses a time loop to show the stories behind the passengers on the bus, Lu Di, Watermelon Man, Lao Jiao, Aunt Guo…The warm core of “all beings are suffering” is the deep-seated factor that truly touches the audience’s empathy.

This drama is very representative. It concentrates on the high control ability of the producer Fang Zhengwu Sunshine for realistic themes.

At the same time, such an innovative spirit of seeking up and down and the quality requirements of excellence also represent the joint efforts and dedication of film and television professionals in the national drama market this year, and realize the overall progress of national dramas.


The theme is diverse, and the age is solid and textured.

The remaining 17 Douban works with 10W+ ratings reflect the overall recovery of the national drama market this year.

On the one hand, it is manifested in the full blossoming of the genres of hit dramas.

includeUrban Romance“For the rest of my life, please give me more advice”, “Ignite Me, Warm You”, “Twinkle, Twinkle Star”, “The 28th Law of Love”,suspense drama“Crime Hunting Illustrated Book”, “Crafts of the Tang Dynasty”, “The Gate of Rebirth”, “Ice Rain and Fire”,period life drama“The Wind Blows Pinellia”, “Happiness to Thousands of Families”, “The World”,Genre professional drama“Police Honor”, “Bottom Line”,Costume Romance Drama“Meeting You for the First Time Like an Old Man Returning”, “Daily Life of Qingqing”, “Let’s Try the World”,Adventure Action Drama“Kunlun Shrine” basically covers various themes of current national dramas.

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It also means that in this year’s national drama market, there will be high-quality high-profile productions of various types to meet the needs and expectations of various users.

Among them, the contemporary suspense-related drama “Hunting Crime Illustrated Book” uses the simulation of the profession of a portrait artist as the starting point, and cooperates with the criminal police to solve one case after another. The portrait artist is also a heart painter, full of novel attributes, and wonDouban 28W+ people score 7.5the results are not bad.

In contrast, the costume suspense drama “Tang Dynasty Strange Events” is also a unit case, which emphasizes the exquisite use of Tang style elements, layers of weird and foggy atmosphere, and highlights the word “strange” to attract people.16W+ people scored a high score of 7.9

The producers of the above two works, Fang Ningmeng Film and Television and Changxin Media, have revealed that they will continue to develop the second season.

And the only account-sharing drama “Twinkle, Twinkle, Shining Star” with a score of 10W+ on Douban, uses time and space to travel through high-concept narratives to tell a secret love story that has been hidden for several years, and also developedThe movie version of the original cast with the same namewill be released in 2023.

Therefore, High-quality drama works have their own IP attributes, which are liked by more audiences, which is equivalent to the possibility of long-term development value.

On the other hand, this year’s national drama has delivered a very good answer sheet at the level of period-heavy themes.

At the beginning of the year, the 58-episode TV series “Human World” started from the life of the Zhou family in the “photographic film”, interweaving the fate of the Zhou family with the changes of the times, telling the story of the development of the nation and the joys and sorrows of the people’s life in the past fifty years;

At the end of the year, the 36-episode TV series “Wind Blowing Pinellia” started from the entrepreneurial experience of a female iron and steel industrialist, reflecting the growth of private entrepreneurs in my country’s iron and steel industry from the initial savage growth, grasping the wind of the times to develop and grow, to China’s entry into the world The adjustment of the order after the economic stage and the start again show the majestic power of an era.

And “Happiness to Thousands of Families”, which reflects rural life and women’s pursuit of fairness and justice, and “Police Honor”, which narrates the lives of front-line police officers and civilians in the atmosphere of fireworks, etc.,The film and television works that show the style of the times are more close to the ground and younger.

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Compared with online dramas that are closer to young people, such as ancient puppet and modern puppet, Taiwan online drama is relatively more oriented to users of all ages. In fact, rating platforms such as Douban are naturally more disadvantaged, with a lower base for innate ratings and high ratings. It may not necessarily bring high scores.

But these high-quality works have also been affirmed by a large number of Douban users.“Wind Blowing Pinellia” scored 8.3 with 26W+ people, “Police Honor” scored 8.5 with 23W+ people, and “The World” scored 8.1 with 21W+ peopleare all strong contenders for the “2022 Drama King”.

The above data also shows that with the generalization of network media, Good word-of-mouth dramas for all age groups, in turn, can attract more mature users to enter the public opinion field of young users, rate favorite works. This may become a new and powerful way to attract new users on various platforms.

In addition to the above-mentioned works, the TV series “Wind from Longxi” and “Basic Law of Genius” all have Douban scores of 9W+.


On the whole, this year’s national drama market is more “hot” than last year in terms of top works.

This may be related to the strict practice of video platforms to reduce costs and increase efficiency, cut off non-boutique content that can be done or not, and put more power on top quality products.

It must also be noted that compared to 2020’s “The Hidden Corner” and “The Silent Truth” both reaching the TOP level in terms of number of scorers and ratings, there is still room for improvement in this year’s peak “Menghualu” and “The Beginning”.As the “Deadly Divine Comedy”, the singing strength of “Canon” has not yet surpassed “Little White Boat”.

Of course, the existence of the peak is the best incentive for more creators.Looking forward to 2023, the Chinese drama market will shine again, contribute more wonderful works to the audience, achieve a double harvest of word-of-mouth and popularity, and usher in explosive works that surpass the peak.

This year’s Douban high-scoring and popular works have been clearly presented. High-quality works come from excellent film and television creators. A year of hard work is coming to an end. Which film and television talents are worthy of praise and affirmation?

Please look forward to cooking small fresh (pengxx01year-end theme, [2022 China Story Xianfeng Honor]

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