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Little Pink’s expedition meets a setback, Japanese anime writer does not apologize, but criticizes Chinese pirated editions | Arakawa Hiroshi | Spoofing Mao Zedong | Insulting China

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Beijing time:2021-06-18 02:52

[New Tang Dynasty Beijing Time June 18, 2021]The well-known Japanese animation author Hiroshi Arakawa spoofed Mao Zedong, the former leader of the Communist Party of China, in a work 10 years ago. Recently, Chinese netizens accused her of “humiliating China” and demanded She apologized. Unexpectedly, not only did Hiroshi Arakawa not apologize, but in an interview with Japanese media, he bluntly said that he did that in the first place, just to prevent the works from being pirated in China. Such a response caused the small pink group to collapse again.

On Thursday (17th), the Japanese manga magazine “Monthly Sunday Gene-X” published an interview with Hiroshi Arakawa. In the interview, Hiroshi Arakawa responded to the recent controversy that he was accused of “humiliating China” by some Chinese netizens. She explained that the reason why she drew a spoof of Mao Zedong in the work “raiden-18” was just to prevent the continued pirating of her comics in mainland China.

Hiroshi Arakawa said that after the publication of her “Fullmetal Alchemist” comics, a large number of pirated comics appeared in mainland China, which made her genuine works almost impossible to sell in “that country”, which made her very distressed. She then thought that if she painted some sensitive content in China, she might be able to prevent her work from being pirated by the Chinese.

She said that she wanted to draw an episode of comics where pirated books could not be published in “that country”, draw a picture that can scare off the pirates, and then “just paint it like this”.

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So, how did Hiroshi Arakawa spoof Mao Zedong?

According to Taiwan’s “Liberty Times”, in the work “raiden-18” created by Hiroshi Arakawa 10 years ago, the third episode of the series depicted Mao Zedong as a zombie, and she also painted a picture on Mao’s forehead. Zhang wrote a spell with the words “Where is the imperial toilet?” to irony that it is difficult to find public toilets in mainland China.

What Hiroshi Arakawa did not expect was that 10 years later, just after she started selling the brand new “raiden-18” pamphlet on the 9th of this month, a Chinese netizen suddenly posted a post in the online community to look at her old account, and then followed up. A large group of little pink accused her of “humiliating China” and asked her to apologize.

Obviously, Hiroshi Arakawa does not think he needs to apologize for the original decision. And her explanation caused the CCP’s little pinks to collapse again. Someone posted threatening “Don’t even want to sell the original”, someone left a message, “This anti-theft idea really hasn’t been seen before”, and someone left a comment and cursed. Fuck off”.

On the Taiwanese online social platform PTT, a group of Taiwanese netizens supported Hiroshi Arakawa and posted a message against the CCP’s little pink: “Stop calling, they don’t want to do your business” “Why do you apologize to the pirates?” “Wow, Niu Ma is too kind” “Next, I will see if the publishing house will kneel, this interview is simply on the bar.”

(Reporter He Yating Comprehensive Report / Chief Editor: Mei Lan)

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