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“Little Wolf Lebin 2” is launched today on Youku Children’s Solo Broadcasting Advanced Education Concept to Help Growth – China Entertainment Network

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“Little Wolf Robin 2”, co-produced by Youku Kids and Oscar-nominated French studio Xilam Animation, was officially launched on Youku Kids on January 22 (today). Last year, “Little Wolf Lebin” was highly praised by the industry and abroad for its excellent production and educational content, and won a number of international and domestic awards. The “Little Wolf Lebin 2”, which has returned with honor, has not forgotten its original intention, continued to provide high-quality content for the majority of parent-child families, and assumed the social responsibility of entertaining and helping children grow up healthily. During the broadcast period, there will be a number of exciting activities, and the gifts will continue!

   Content upgrades and upgrades deliver advanced educational concepts

“Little Wolf Robin 2” continued the excitement of the first season, and upgraded the content to add more cultural landmarks and customs. Mysterious virgin jungle, magical underwater world… Children can learn about cultures around the world, broaden their horizons, store knowledge, and cultivate cultural connotations by following the little wolf Lebin to “check in”.

In this era of diversification, a single and absolute mode of thinking has become difficult to stand on, and children’s critical thinking ability has been paid more and more attention. “Little Wolf Robin 2” breaks the inherent thinking of binary opposition, and embeds the educational concept that conforms to the characteristics of current children into the plot. For example, in the play, it is proposed that “even if you fail, you can be a hero”, “it’s not the best way to imitate others, you must use your own methods and strategies”, “when solving problems, you must follow the answers given by your own kindness”, etc. This not only stimulates children’s active thinking, but also has reference significance for parents.

The fairy tales of the five scenes have brought a lot of new content and perspectives. More Chinese elements have been incorporated into the drama, so that Chinese children can better understand local culture and tell Chinese stories well.

   Advanced technology to build better parent-child connection

The producer of “Little Wolf Lebin” revealed that the animation production technology is very advanced internationally, so the technical cost is very high. The producers don’t hesitate to invest, just to present works that are more in line with the current children’s aesthetics. Each episode is like a bedtime story. The novel way of pop-up book can not only better bring children into the story, but also enhance children’s interest in reading and establish a better parent-child connection between parents and children.

With the blessing of international advanced technology, “Little Wolf Lebin 2”, which will be broadcast exclusively on Youku on January 22, has also added a lot of action scenes, which are exciting and worth looking forward to.

As a Sino-French cooperation project, “Little Wolf Lebin” brings together Chinese and Western cultures, shoulders the mission of promoting cultural exchanges between China and the West, and becomes an all-round international IP. It is reported that “Little Wolf Robin” has been successfully released to mainstream TV media in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, including French TV and Italian Rai TV. Children and families around the world can experience the charm of Little Wolf Robin together and experience the work of the work. joy and growth.

   The start of the broadcast, the good gift continues, the little wolf will accompany you to celebrate the New Year

It is reported that during the launch of “Little Wolf Lebin 2”, Youku Children prepared a lot of benefits for parent-child families, and the surprise activities continued throughout the winter vacation.

Now go to Youku to search Xiaolang Lebin and win a big gift! You can also receive benefits by scrolling down to the second floor of the Taobao homepage. The activity of “Little Wolf Lebin is a courtesy” will be given to the children as a learning gift through a big turntable lottery. Including school bags, STEM toys, and store coupons, etc., the winning rate is very high; during the Spring Festival, the “Little Wolf Lebin to accompany you to celebrate the New Year” event will be launched, and a number of New Year’s gift packages will be given out, with a wealth of New Year’s goods and stores. Coupons accompany the children to celebrate the new year; on the eve of the school season, Youku Kids will also launch the “Little Wolf Lebin Character Color Analysis” activity, through H5 mini-games, let the children think about “If I were the Little Wolf Lebin” , what would I do?”, internalizing the excellent qualities of the little wolf as a growth driver and improving the ability of multiple thinking.

On January 22, “Little Wolf Lebin 2” officially landed on Youku Children’s exclusive broadcast. This winter vacation, the whole family will watch “Little Wolf Lebin 2” together and experience the joy and emotion brought by this ingenious work!

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