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Longevity inaugurates its first 5-star spa

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Longevity inaugurates its first 5-star spa

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Milan is the capital of fashion, but also of well-being. In addition to the fashion week and a series of trade fairs, from Micam to Mipel to The One, the Lombardy capital attracts investments in the wellness sector. In particular those of the Longevity group, which includes The Longevity Suite, an Italian network of biohacking & anti-age city clinics (32, to which this year another 5 will be added in Italy and 4 abroad) and which has inaugurated its first Spa at Portrait Milano, a 5-star luxury boutique hotel by Lungarno Collection in the heart of the fashion district (two entrances, from Via Sant’Andrea and Corso Venezia).

«The longevity industry is proving to be the largest and most potential market of this decade – says Luigi Caterino, cofounder and CEO of Longevity –: luxury hospitality is also experiencing its positive trend and it is even more crucial to be able to respond to the needs of guests with a personalized offer, for well-being that perfects physical and mental conditions. The true peculiarity of The Longevity Spa is the union of innovation and natural approach, medical sciences and holistic philosophies. The starting point of our reflections is biohacking: not just a trend, but a set of techniques necessary to counteract the new problems caused by the modern lifestyle and thus lay the foundations for being able to live for as long as possible, at the best of own possibilities”.

Longevity closed 2023 with a turnover exceeding 11 million euros and a growth of 15% compared to 2022. A year that saw the consolidation of The Longevity Suite brand and work on new projects for 2024, the year in which “We hope to exceed 18 million with a growth of 60%.” In addition to the Spa, in fact, this year sees the light of The Longevity Kitchen, an innovative healthy food format inspired by the blue zones, the five territories where the healthiest and longest-lived people on the planet live; and The Longevity Bio Lab, a laboratory within the CNR which processes a specific patented blood test capable of providing a “longevity score” to the customer and a photo of her state of health. «Furthermore, 2024 will be the year of internationalization – concludes the CEO – thanks to the imminent openings with local partners in the United Arab Emirates, Spain and Portugal, Egypt and Singapore».

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