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Louis Koo and Xuan Xuan Deny Wedding Rumors: “Just Good Friends”

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Good Friends Louis Koo and Xuan Xuan Deny Wedding Rumors

Recently, longtime friends Louis Koo and Xuan Xuan found themselves at the center of wedding rumors once again. At a recent event, the two were seen together in the same frame, triggering speculation about their relationship status.

When asked about these rumors, Louis Koo quickly shut them down, stating, “Now someone is saying for no reason on the Internet that Xuan Xuan and I are getting married and having children. No!”

In response, Xuan Xuan humorously remarked, “You said it’s great that you still have such a good figure after giving birth. I think so.” Louis Koo further emphasized that the two have known each other for many years and that Xuan Xuan is already like family to him.

Having known each other for nearly 30 years, Louis Koo and Xuan Xuan have a strong friendship both on and off-screen. They have appeared together in several TVB classic TV series and have also worked together in various films in recent years.

Despite their close bond, both actors have remained single, leading to frequent speculation and criticism from netizens. However, their supportive friendship remains unwavering.

It is clear that Louis Koo and Xuan Xuan share a special relationship that goes beyond mere professional collaboration. As fans eagerly await their next project together, it’s evident that their enduring friendship will continue to capture hearts on and off the screen.

By Gong Weifeng.

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