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In the brand new Miss Dior Miss Dior perfume commercial, the free-spirited Natalie Portman (Natalie Portman) sneaks into the sea of ​​flowers, running, shouting and laughing freely. No one can be like Natalie Portman. Whether it is a haute couture dress with floral embroidery specially designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, or simple casual T-shirts and jeans, she is born with her. His sensibility, self-confidence, and elegant and mysterious temperament are equally shining. Strong-willed, gentle and kind, Natalie Portman’s feminism has never been the only way to interpret. This Harvard graduate who made his debut as a child star, but didn’t miss anything, has a wonderful life experience that coincides with Miss Dior’s self-confident and unconstrained female image.

In 1947, after a dark period of war, Mr. Christian Dior echoed women’s desire to regain happiness with Miss Dior’s classic eau de toilette. This is a perfume that carries infinite love and romance. Even if the world changes, Miss Dior’s fragrance composition and bottle design are constantly evolving, but the fragrance conveys love and the beautiful faith of flowers promises happiness. Eternally unchanged.



In 2020, even if you can’t travel far, Dior’s chief perfumer François Demachy will be able to encounter a beautiful and splendid spring. He ran into a rose of unknown species in the Grass Field, which exuded the full fragrance of fruity sweetness and inspired him to create the new Miss Dior perfume for women. The fragrant Chiba Rose, with Mr. Dior’s favorite lily of the valley, and the specially added peonies, the colorful flowers add a bright and moving atmosphere to the fragrance. In 1950, the Miss Dior fragrance bottle used the houndstooth pattern and the brand’s high-definition bow for the first time, and the bow has since become the connection between high fashion and fragrance. From transparent, matte, black or white grosgrain to the new jacquard ribbon bow woven from 396 silk threads after months of weaving, the flowers on the ribbon are embroidered in a random manner, so The bow on each Miss Dior perfume is unique! This square inch of luxury is not only the best embellishment of Miss Dior’s perfume, but also full of unparalleled ingenuity.

Natalie Portman, who grew up with Miss Dior perfume, has vividly interpreted the image of contemporary women in the advertisements over the years. In 2015, she played a runaway bride in the Miss Dior perfume advertisement; in 2017, she said in the advertisement: “And you, what would you do for love?” Today, she is still confident and high-spirited. “I think Miss Dior is more expressing her own happiness, feelings and love than trying to make a man fall in love with her. This is incredible. Miss Dior gradually transformed into a real Independent, free, fanatical and brave woman, and know herself very well.” Natalie Portman said. Over the past 70 years, our pursuit of beauty, love and happiness has been consistent. “In the past few months, the special environment of the world has made me more grateful for the existence of love and beauty. When we feel more anxious, they will also make us feel more anxious. Life is more meaningful and hopeful. When we face these challenges, we will begin to pay attention to the many details of the people you love, the things around you, the things that make you happy, and this hopeful and bright The world of love.” With a romantic heart and cherishing daily life, this is love.


SHE: What do you think the new fragrance conveysMiss DiorWhat touches you the most about the spirit of Miss Dior?

Natalie Portman: What impressed me the most was Miss Dior’s spirit of being close to nature and respecting nature. Everyone wants to have luxury and beauty, but we also need to consider sustainable development and love the world more. The glass bottle of this new perfume is lighter and more environmentally friendly. More importantly, the romantic scent brought by the fragrance in the luxurious and precious bottle allows me to be in close contact with nature at any time.

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SHE: In addition to love and beauty, why do you think women need to be awakened? What do you think modern women should strive for for themselves?

Natalie Portman: In today’s society, women have taken on too much responsibility for taking care of others. So I hope that women can pay more attention to their own needs and take better care of themselves.

SHE: If you could be a director of perfume advertising, what kind of plot would you design? Who else would you like to star with besides yourself?

Natalie Portman: The plot I designed will be somewhat similar to this commercial, mainly showing a happy woman who is free, independent, and courageous to express her inner heart. As for the partner, I think all kinds of flowers are only needed, because flowers can represent all kinds of scents in the commercials. This is very challenging. We will let the audience feel the smell through visual effects, and some images will remind people of a certain smell. I think this is an exciting challenge.

SHE: Do you have any special way of using perfume yourself? Would you choose different perfumes according to specific days or occasions?

Natalie Portman: I like to spray perfume in the air and then pass through it. This is the method my mother taught me so that the fragrance on my body is not too strong, and it smells light. I also like to use a fresher perfume during the day and a slightly stronger perfume at night.

SHE: In this era when everyone wants to be famous, what advice do you have for young people?

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Natalie Portman: I think everyone should be aware of the extent to which they live for themselves and how much they live for others. Because of the existence of social media, many people now live a kind of “social life”, paying more attention to the content they show to the world, and often neglecting what they do for themselves. I think everyone should understand themselves and be true to themselves.

SHE: We believe that the younger generation should take more responsibility on social media. What is your opinion?

Natalie Portman: I think in social media, young people need to be aware of the importance of their role and the impact on others.

Interview/Editor: LETTIE TSENG Image: DIOR

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