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Love is like a star and the universe is fleeting | Magnolia Brand Day Gifts – Hotel Information- News Information

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“Magnolia Hotel”, the preferred service brand under Jin Jiang Hotels (China), sets May 21st and December 5th as Magnolia Brand Days each year, and holds a series of celebration activities to convey the exquisite life of Magnolia idea.

Magnolia Brand Day

Pay tribute to the ubiquitous love with IP,

Customers participating in the event

Learn about the love story in the vast Lanxuan universe together

Let every family member deepen their self-confidence

and the understanding of the other half

Show more love and care.

Brand Day event time

  2023/ 5 / 20  – 2023 / 5 / 21

Lanxuan universe

Solving puzzles/ taking pictures/ punching cards

Love is like a star, fleeting in the universe. We combine the diverse and rich IP image with the most charming constellation concept among the stars in the universe, and at the same time use “constellation fortune” and “star language and star wishes” to let you know our infinite love.

Activity Rules:

1. Check-in customers can choose the corresponding check-in according to their own or lover’s constellation

2. The back is the constellation 520 love expression, you can write your own “star source” on the back

3. After the check-in is completed, you can exchange the corresponding gifts at the front desk of the hotel

my star wish

2023 infinite love

Get the punch card,

What kind of words would you like to write to yourself or him (her),

I wish myself better and better,

Still have something to say to TA?


Magnolia Hotel wishes you a bright future, peace and joy!

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Great benefits

In order to thank the friends for their one-year support and companionship, the Magnolia brand will reply and send a generous gift~

Leave a message in the comment area #白玉兰酒店#,

And write down your blessings to TA

A lucky guest will be randomly selected to give a dream lily office travel pillow worth 298 yuan

#Dream Lily

Participation period ends on May 22, 2023,

Winners will be announced in the next event.

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