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Lu Zhong: Please remember my role and forget me_Guangming.com

【The People Need Such Artists 22】

Guangming Daily reporter Niu Mengdi

Chunhuaqiushi, at the closing ceremony of the 14th China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival, 82-year-old Lu Zhong won the honorary title of “China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Lifetime Achievement TV Artist”. She said excitedly: “We create spiritual wealth for the people, not build monuments for ourselves. Our efforts are to make the country more prosperous on the spiritual level.” There was thunderous applause from the audience.

Lu Zhong has portrayed dozens of unforgettable artistic characters, big and small. She is the “Wu Zetian” who dominates the world and strategizes, and the “grandmother next door” who is elegant, calm, and kind; she is the role of the empress dowager with extraordinary bearing “Professional household” is also a “screen mother” deeply recognized by the audience. She is also an old artist who has been active on the small screen, big screen and drama stage for more than 60 years. She has honed her acting skills for decades and brought the audience classic masterpieces one after another.

Today, the star-studded Lu Zhong was not known to many people in the first 20 years of his career in the arts.

  Lv Zhong’s recent light picture

In the late 1950s, in pursuit of his artistic dream, Lu Zhong, who graduated from high school, was admitted to the actor training class of Hebei Provincial Drama Theater. Only when she faced professional scrutiny did she realize how far she was from professional actors. Lu Zhong, who has a strong nature, is not discouraged, she is full of energy, and decides to break out of the world.

At that time, Lu Zhong got up early every day to practice his voice and lines, participated in intensive courses and rehearsals during the day, and studied and honed his acting skills at night. More than ten years have passed, and the unknown Lu Zhong still has no hope of appearing on the big stage and playing a big role. But she never stopped trying.

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At the age of 33, Lu Zhong was transferred to the Beijing People’s Art Theater because of his solid basic skills. In Beijing Renyi, Lu Zhong met a leader on the road of art. Lan Tianye was her class teacher when she was in the student class, and teachers such as Zhu Xu and Su Min were leading artists who had experienced the test of war and painstakingly created Beijing Renyi. In Beijing Renyi, Lu Zhong is like a sponge, constantly absorbing nutrients, “The old artists of Renyi love to read books”, “The old artists never care about the size of the roles, they just play each role seriously”… Lu Zhong silently observes and keeps in mind the performance methods and artistic style of the old artists, and until today he takes them as his goal to spur himself.

Recalling the years in Beijing Renyi, Lu Zhong’s eyes were still full of light, “I went to the rehearsal field even if I didn’t rehearse. At that time, many theater troupes from all over the country came to Renyi to watch the rehearsal. Sometimes a teacher was not in good health. If I feel comfortable, I will go up to replace it, and take this opportunity to exercise.”

Finally, Lu Zhong got the chance to play the role of Zhou Fanyi in “Thunderstorm”. After a performance, the instructor Xie Yanning said to her: “Lu Zhong, your performance of Fanyi is interesting.” This sentence moved and inspired Lu Zhong at the time.

“Believe first, then see”, some directors summed up Lu Zhong’s performance in this way. No matter what role or how many scenes he meets, Lu Zhong always comprehends it with a pious attitude. In the drama “The First Building in the World“, Lu Zhong played a low-level person named Yu Chuer. Although she struggled through suffering, her kindness and love in her heart never disappeared. How should such a woman behave? Lu Zhong pondered slowly, immersed himself in the life of the character, and finally realized that such a woman, although she has experienced a lot of suffering, has also experienced the warmth of true feelings, and she will develop a strong personality and strength in the difficult life. self-esteem. After realizing this point, Lu Zhong became more comfortable controlling this character.

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Compared with the fish in water on the stage of drama, Lu Zhong can be regarded as a late bloomer in film and television performances, but he has also achieved fruitful results. Since participating in “Plainclothes Police” in 1987, she has created dozens of screen images. For the role of mother alone, Lu Zhong has rich acting experience and experience. From the self-reliant mother Deng in the biographical drama “Deng Yingchao and Her Mother”, to the mother Qu who works underground in the war drama “The Right Way in the World Is the Vicissitudes of Life”, and the tolerant and loving mother Lin in the modern family drama “Chinese Divorce” , to the controlling mother Wang in the emotional drama “Cold Night” of the era… Lu Zhong played a number of images of mothers with different personalities and temperaments. Dedicated.

Lu Zhong did a lot of homework before participating in “Deng Yingchao and Her Mother”. She believes that Deng Yingchao’s persistence on the road of revolution comes from the teaching and guidance of his mother Yang Zhende. The audience should “see the mother from the daughter and the daughter from the mother” in this drama. Therefore, Lu Zhong tried to grasp the logic of the characters’ inner world from the development and changes experienced by the characters. Deng’s mother, Yang Zhende, played by Lu Zhong, has been self-reliant and self-reliant since she was young, learning medical skills and seeing doctors for relatives, friends and the poor. In order to protect her beloved daughter, she dared to fight to the death. During the performance of this play, Lu Zhong raised the scissors three times to fight against his patriarchal husband. Lv Zhong portrays the psychology of the characters with rich layers, vividly showing the bravery, strength and perseverance of Deng’s mother Yang Zhende, and also showing how Deng Yingchao became a pioneer of the Chinese women’s movement and a great revolutionist under the influence of her mother . In the end, Lu Zhong won the Outstanding Actress Award in the 16th China TV Drama Feitian Awards for his interpretation of Yang Zhende.

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Also playing the role of a heroic mother, in “The Righteous Way in the World Is the Vicissitudes of Life”, Lu Zhong experienced another kind of emotional impact and sublimation, and also interpreted another kind of mother’s perseverance and loneliness. After repeated reading of the script, Lu Zhong believes that Mother Qu is first of all a loving mother who loves her children deeply, and also a member of the Communist Party with noble thoughts. You must also suppress the pain in your heart and hold your ground. Therefore, when dealing with Qu Mu’s emotional release, Lu Zhong chose forbearance and restraint, “not to cry in front of the enemy, nor in front of the children”, but to find a secluded place when his heart was suffering to the point of collapse , turned his back, and cried silently. This treatment of “silence is better than sound at this time” makes the emotions of the characters more impactful and deeply moves the audience.

On the big screen, Lu Zhong also left behind many unforgettable characters. In 2013, 73-year-old Lu Zhong starred in the feature film “The Intruder”, for which she was nominated for Best Actress at the 71st Venice International Film Festival and won Best Actress at the 8th Asia Pacific Film Awards.

On the stage, Lu Zhong was shrouded in halo, but off the stage, she was temperamental and humble. As more and more honors have been obtained, more and more people are looking for her to film, but she always stays sober, interpreting what is “the drama is bigger than the sky, and the derby is thicker” with pure professional aspirations, and she also uses practical Actions answer what is a good actor and writer who the people need. Facing the flood of compliments, Lu Zhong said: “Please remember my role and forget about me.”

“Guangming Daily” (version 01, March 26, 2023)

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