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Lucky Rabbit Celebrates the New Year with BesTV’s Shanghai Screen Audio-Visual “New Year’s Eve Dinner” to accompany you to celebrate the New Year | DVBCN

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Lucky Rabbit Celebrates the New Year with BesTV’s Shanghai Screen Audio-Visual “New Year’s Eve Dinner” to accompany you to celebrate the New Year | DVBCN

The 2023 Guimao Year of the Rabbit is coming as promised, and the happy New Year flavor of family reunion, peace and joy is coming. In order to add some “hard dishes” to the whole family gathered in the living room, BesTV has carefully prepared headline videos, hot-selling parties, international competitions, and annual hits on Shanghai Telecom, Shanghai Mobile, Shanghai Unicom, Dongfang Cable and mobile TV platforms. Audio-visual and other exciting content, with high-quality audio-visual feast to accompany users to celebrate the New Year happily.

(Schematic diagram of Shanghai Telecom IPTV layout)

New Year, New Weather, Forge ahead, New Journey

From January 18th, IPTV and Dongfang Cable in Shanghai will put on “new clothes” for the Spring Festival to welcome the new year. The “Footprints 2022” special plan is launched heavily, following the footsteps of the general secretary to review the major events in 2022, although the road is long, it will come soon;

At 19:30 on the first day of the new year on January 22, BesTV IPTV and Dongfang Cable will broadcast the whole process of “Spring is full of the Oriental Rabbit Year Rabbit Fen 2023 Dragon TV Spring Festival Gala”, promoting the Shanghai-style culture of the new era, and through “Youth Confidence” Innovative programs such as “Inspirational Self-improvement” and “Cultural Innovation” fully demonstrate the lovely image of China in the new era of struggle, forge ahead, and forge ahead. On the third night of the Lunar New Year on January 24, “Forge ahead New Journey 2023 China Internet Audio-Visual Annual Ceremony” will also be launched on IPTV, singing the main theme of “Praise the New Era, Forge ahead and New Journey”, presenting a positive energy, youthful, immersive audio-visual feast.

The whole network is looking forward to the blockbuster IP “Rabbit” old and new

The sci-fi drama “Three-Body Problem”, the anti-crime drama “Hurricane”, the national classic Northeast comedy IP “Country Love” 15th and 16th seasons and other high-quality IPs, as well as Dragon TV’s blockbuster sharing show “Open Tonight” Mai”, “Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour·National Park Season”, popular variety show “The Eighth Season of Detective” and other exciting content will be newly unveiled on the BesTV platform during the Spring Festival.

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During the Spring Festival, BesTV will also broadcast the 2023 Australian Open live. Ten players from mainland China will enter the main match. Djokovic will make a strong comeback. The tennis feast spanning the entire Spring Festival holiday is exciting and not to be missed.

Happy Gathering, Warm Hearts, Healing, Film and TV, and Warm New Year’s Eve

This year’s Spring Festival, BesTV’s movie section will launch planned content such as the “Happy New Year” comedy unit, a collection of high-scoring New Year’s films over the years, and people can’t help but click in: Gathering “Homecoming”, “Lonely Walking on the Moon”, “Li Mao’s Play” The Prince, Mozart from Outer Space, This Killer Is Not So Calm, Myth of Love, The Water Gate Bridge of Changjin Lake, Miracle Stupid Children and other wonderful dramas, each one is very suitable for the whole family to watch during the Spring Festival. Sit and watch.

In the new year of the Rabbit, “Peter Rabbit”, “Legend of Rabbitman”, “Save the Bunny”, “Alice in Wonderland” and “Zootopia” will also be collectively launched in the theme planning of “Celebrating the Year of the Rabbit, Carnival of Anime Images”. Who can refuse the cute appearance of Pingtutu?

In the TV drama section, “‘Rabbit’ is a heart-pounding good drama”, “Rabbit” you are happy, “drama” is good-looking and other theme planning, selected good dramas such as “Dawn of the East”, “Sisters at Home”, “To a Windy Place”, ” In the Name of Family”, “Parents’ Love”, “Xiao Min’s Family”, “The World“, “Happiness to Thousands of Families”, “The Bottom Line” and “Menghualu” are suitable for you who don’t want to go out and are lazy to eat and drink at home. all day. Work hard, show off the good reputation of “Rabbit”, and cooperate with “The Wind Blows Pinellia”, “Set Sail: When the Wind Blows”, “The Great River”, “In the Distance” and “The Pentium Era” present positive and inspirational themes, and provide everyone Come on in 2023.

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Singing and laughing Comedy is in place Variety section makes you laugh non-stop

Music is essential for the Chinese New Year, first of all, music, such as “Our Song 4”, “The Sound Is Endless”, “Our Folk Songs 2022” and other selected high-quality music hits, you can’t help humming and twisting a few times. The comedians who grew up with the whole family’s laughter are also in place. BesTV made Jia Ling’s “Ace vs. Ace 7”, Shen Teng’s “Shen Matt Happy”, Hu Lan’s “Talk Show 5” and so on. As a special series, the whole family will watch it together, and there may be only “hahahahahahahahahaha” left in the whole room.

Da Zhanhong’s “rabbit” and the former “rabbit” are like a brocade, is it your goal for the new year? On January 28th, the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, the first working day after the long Spring Festival holiday, content such as “Exciting Offer 4”, “We Go Forward”, “Our Forensic Season at the Workplace” and other content will switch to work with you from vacation mode model.

Playing games at home and e-sports will not be absent during holidays

During the Spring Festival, BesTV launched a major e-sports year-end ratings ranking, “2022 LPL Spring Tournament”, “S12 Global Finals Knockout”, “Domi Explains the Virtual World“, “Mianmian Virtual World Fun Collection Season 2″, “King of Glory Peak Technology Show”, ” Xiaolang commented on “Space Werewolf Killing” and other selected annual popular competitions, selected popular content with ratings rankings, and high-quality commentary to show the spirit of hard work and never giving up in the exciting competition.

More cute pixel style, very popular among children, “Journey to the West of Jinmumu My World“, “Xiao Zhou My World Season 2″, “Xiao Zhou My World“, “Jinmumu My World Ninja Survival”, “My World Is Extremely Giant” Content such as Transforming Pokémon Luoxiu highlights the New Year’s festive atmosphere with ease.

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No need to make a choice, children’s wishes come true at once

The children’s New Year’s wish is probably “I want all these babies”. No need to make a choice, BesTV focuses on recommending cartoons with high ratings and on-demand, such as “Peppa Pig Season 9”, “The Infested Monster Project Season 2”, “Heroes in Pajamas Season 4” and so on to make children full eyesight.

At the same time, the special topics of “Qiaohu New Year’s Lucky Bag” and “Chinese Studies and Art” spread traditional culture and highlight the fun of the New Year; there is also an exclusive joint plan to summon Dr. Panda, Hello Kitty, Miffy, Little Banlong and other children’s favorite Friends, accompany the babies to have fun and enjoy the new year.

Lucky Rabbit Celebrates the New Year with BesTV’s Shanghai Screen Audio-Visual “New Year’s Eve Dinner” to Accompany You to Happy New Year-DVBCN

During the Spring Festival, BesTV will also cooperate with the four major operators to hold online activities, and prepare a series of gifts for the Spring Festival. From the end of January to the beginning of February, users of Shanghai Telecom participated in the activity of “Raising eyebrows to welcome the New Year with Rabbit Qi, receiving blessings and gifts”; Users who participate in the “New Year’s Super Value Huge Benefits” event will have important discounts, and if they meet the conditions, they can also draw various monthly and annual package benefits. Shanghai Dongfang Cable subscribers participate in the activity of “Futu Bunny with New Year’s Good Gifts”, watch the program to help the carnival, scan the QR code to participate in the lucky draw, and have the opportunity to win the New Year’s surprise gift.

Ruitu ushers in the Spring Festival, and good “watching” happens. BesTV hopes to provide audiences with a happy Spring Festival audio-visual feast through the content planning of movies, TV, variety shows, sports, children, documentaries, e-sports and other themes full of joy and joy. Welcome to a new and wonderful new year.

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