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Luhan’s unplugged LIVE album “Long time no see, come out and talk” is launched on Huawei Music-Qianlong.com.cn

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Luhan’s unplugged LIVE album “Long time no see, come out and talk” is launched on Huawei Music-Qianlong.com.cn

Source title: Luhan’s unplugged LIVE album “Long time no see, come out and talk” is launched on Huawei Music

Last month, Taylor Swift’s new album “Midnights” was launched on Huawei Music, telling music fans about a midnight adventure. This month, Luhan’s new album “Long Time No See, Come Out and Chat” is also launched on Huawei Music. Just like the title of the album, Luhan wants to catch up with old friends with a sincere and simple music attitude. Fans press the play button and return to the “Friends Bureau” in a second to relive Luhan’s warm moments.

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“Long Time No See” is Lu Han’s fifth LIVE album. Just like the title of the album, Lu Han sang a lot of “Long Time No See” songs, such as Stefanie Sun’s original song “The Sky is Dark”. The last time I listened to When it was still in college, when I left my hometown to pursue my dream, the line in the lyrics “Go forward bravely even when it rains” gave me great courage.

In Huawei Music, we can often see fans who have finished listening to the songs leaving messages to tell their stories and insights, and Lu Han’s “Long Time No See, Come Out to Chat” album seems to open a time and space tunnel, which arouses our common memories. The album contains a total of 12 songs, among which the LIVE scene includes “Time Has Stopped”, “Heart Rate”, “Love, It’s Simple”, “It’s Dark”, “The End of the Night”, “Sometime” and “The Wind Blows “Over” seven songs, the unplugged performance form also coincides with the casual and free and easy temperament presented by “Come out and chat”.

Lu Han also brought five duet songs with his old friends, namely “Small Town Girl” with Wang Mian, “Lonely Season” with Gao Hanyu, “Orange Soda” with Gao Suyao, and “Someone Like Me” sung by Mao Buyi and “Freedom” sung by all guests. Lu Han used his sincere attitude to let fans listen to the soothing songs quietly. Huawei Music also restored Lu Han’s clear and bright voice with high quality, making every note a kind of enjoyment.

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In Huawei Music, fans can not only obtain hundreds of singles and multiple albums of Lu Han, but also watch thousands of videos about Lu Han, including idol MVs, Vlogs, variety shows and other content. It can be said that Huawei Music has become the first place for “Lu Fan” to listen to songs and a gathering place for fans. You can support idols in the comment area and find more like-minded new friends.

You can also use some interesting and practical functions when listening to songs in Huawei Music, and you can play while listening, such as enabling the gallery mode of your favorite songs, and the background of the songs will be changed into Luhan’s wallpaper in seconds; if you like Luhan’s new song “The Wind Blows” Live”, you can also set it as a ringtone to decorate your life with your favorite music.

Thanks to Huawei Music’s full-scene music service coverage, fans can also watch Lu Han’s MV and live video on different terminal devices such as tablets and smart screens, and have the company of idols anytime, anywhere. So far, Huawei Music has launched a large number of singles and albums of classic and popular Chinese singers, including Jacky Cheung, Eason Chan, Stefanie Sun and other kings and queens. Huawei Music provides us with a time travel machine, where we can find common youth memories, what are you waiting for? Turn on Huawei Music to relive those unforgettable memories together!

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