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Lupita Jones Mentally Well After Ending Miss Universe Relationship

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Lupita Jones Mentally Well After Ending Miss Universe Relationship

Lupita Jones Opens Up About Leaving Miss Universe

Former Miss Universe, Lupita Jones, has spoken out about her departure from the Miss Universe organization, stating that she is mentally well and wishing the best of luck to the new organizers of the international pageant. In a recent interview, Jones explained that while no one from the Miss Universe organization has contacted her to make her departure official, she understands that it is a business and that they may not have to do so following the completion of the annual contract.

“It was already 30 years of collaborating with Miss Universe as national director, of course she is nostalgic but I was also no longer compatible with the way they are handling things, I no longer felt comfortable with many situations,” Jones explained. “We have to enjoy what we do and if you no longer feel comfortable, it is also better not to be there anymore, so I feel calm in that part.”

Jones also emphasized that despite the departure from Miss Universe, Mexicana Universal, a platform she has been building and promoting for 30 years, remains faithful to its origin and its purpose of continuing to train young Mexican women to represent Mexico internationally.

She added that Mexicana Universal has not stopped its activities, and she has immediately joined the activities to crown the regional queens, from which the representatives of Mexico will emerge for other international competitions, including Miss International, Miss Charm International and Queen Hispanoamericana.

One of the key points for Jones is that her platform is for the empowerment of Mexican women and she expressed that small achievements made during her time with Miss Universe will be missed over time.

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Regarding whether she will attend the Miss Universe final, now that it will be held in Mexico, Jones did not rule out the possibility but mentioned that her own beauty queens’ activities may restrict her presence at the event. She hopes that Mexico will take advantage of the opportunity for global visibility, and stressed the importance of everyone being comfortable on the platform they choose and dedicated to building their own legacy.

As Jones continues to work on her own projects, she remains focused on representing Mexico internationally and empowering women through her platform.

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