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Lysistrata – Veil

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Lysistrata – Veil

(c) Emilia Milusauskaite

This is what people have been waiting for: that there is something behind the madness Lysistrata “Breathe In/Out” already made it more than clear that something like method is hidden. It’s been four years now – more than enough time for the French trio to grow and thrive. Their mix of noise rock and post-hardcore has always had hidden moments of likeable catchiness. On the third album „Veil“ They can now participate freely and openly on the front line.

One of the songs that achieves this mixture of chaos and disguised harmony best is the relatively far-off “Feel The Shine”. In just three minutes, Lysistrata repeatedly lashes out wildly, but also finds the necessary space and leisure for dirty, rousing hooks. The fact that the following, greatly shortened finish “Livin It Up” is served completely clearly and yet somehow menacingly fits into the picture – as does the opening “Tangled In The Leaves”, which has something unreal about it in its effects-laden reduction as the vocals always change work out of the confusing non-thicket again.

But the French have by no means renounced madness, see and listen to “Trouble Don’t Last”. The nervous energy, the constant simmering, the sweeping gestures and the stubborn riffing cause pleasant pain, the instrumental resolution in the final act is a little on the ear. On the other hand, “Horns” has a bit of classic alternative sounds to it for a long time, quite anthemic and yet profound. Chaos always seems just a blink of an eye away, the next crash is sure to come. In “Okay” it is completely missing and instead gives way to reduced, poppy sounds with strange energy – uncomfortable and yet so harmonious.

Lysistrata reveal new layers and unimagined musical expanses that have actually always been there. This ominous need for harmony is not new, but it has rarely been presented so beautifully, so sympathetically. Nervousness, anxiety and rough, rough neck blows meet big riffs and catchy moments, used in a well-dosed manner and yet represented prominently enough. “Veil” takes the famous next step very successfully and has everything it takes to send the French through the roof in the near future. This stubborn, charming bastard deserved it.

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Rating: 8/10

Available from: March 1, 2024
Available from: Grand Hotel van Cleef (Indigo)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lysistratatheband

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