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Ma Dongyan’s “Hongqi Canal” CCTV prime time broadcast reappears the spirit of hard work in Hongqi Canal_TV News_Entertainment Channel

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“Red Flag Canal”, a large-scale party-founding centennial tribute drama, was broadcast on CCTV-1 (CCTV-1) prime time on October 17th! The play is directed by Mao Linbo as the chief producer and directed by the national first-level director Kang Ning. It is led by powerful actors such as Yu Zhen, An Yuexi, and Ma Dongyan. The story of unity and cooperation, overcoming difficulties, and the construction of the Red Flag Canal of the Zhangzhang Project.

Ma Dongyan's

In “Red Flag Canal”, Ma Dongyan played the role of Deputy County Mayor of Lin County and the front-line commander of the Red Flag Canal Project, Sun Shihou. He is an absolute doer. In the play, he and Lin Jie, secretary of the Linxian County Party Committee, are not only subordinates, but also comrades-in-arms and brothers who were born and died. Seeing the severe drought in Linxian County, which was short of water all the year round, and the people were eager for water, Sun Shihou and Lin Jie hit it off and decided to solve the water shortage problem for the people of Linxian!

Ma Dongyan's

In the play, Sun Shihou, as the representative of the Linxian County Party Committee, served as the front-line commander of the Hongqi Canal construction project. Not only did he eat and live with the people, he worked hard, he was also quite decisive, and he always rushed in when he encountered problems. “Combat” on the front line. And such a hard-working warrior also has a very lively and interesting side. He speaks directly and sharply, and his personality is like firecrackers. In order to better complete the task of constructing the Hongqi Canal Project, the acute Sun Shihou collided with all walks of life. A tale of laughter and laughter.

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Ma Dongyan's

In order to better interpret the role of Sun Shihou, Ma Dongyan also made great efforts to understand the spirit of Hongqi Canal and the story of Hongqi Canal. He said: “Everyone who has participated in the construction of Hongqi Canal, Although they may seem ordinary, they are all worthless heroes. The spirit of Hongqiqu is worth remembering and learning from us forever!” From the place where the story of “Red Flag Canal” took place-Linxian County, Henan, Comrade Gu Wenchang established the party for the public and governed for the people throughout his life, embracing a time-honored spiritual connotation. We believe that under Ma Dongyan’s careful interpretation, these heroic characters will also release a brilliant light on the screen.

Ma Dongyan's

Source: Hebei Network Radio and Television Station

Editor: Shi Wen


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