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Ma Tiao debuts live video and new album releases first He Ma Tiao joins Sony Music’s new album “Beyond the Great Wall”, arousing homesickness-qianlong.com.cn

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Source Title: Ma Tiao’s first live video broadcast, new album release, first He Ma Tiao joins Sony Music’s new creation album “Outside the Great Wall” arouses homesickness

“Folk Poet” Ma Tiao joined Sony Music’s first new creation album “Outside the Great Wall” on November 16th at 16:00 on major music platforms around the world. At the same time as it went live, after breaking the usual new album release conference mode, Ma Tiao held a new album snatching meeting in the form of live video presentation. For Ma Tiao, this is also a brand new experience for him. It is the first time to test the live broadcast and “carry the goods” for his physical album.

(“Outside the Great Wall” album cover)

The first song of the album’s live broadcast in the folk circle sparks netizens’ homesickness

It can be said that Ma Tiao is the first to release an album in the live broadcast room, and the folk singer is the first person to broadcast a live broadcast. Folk singers in people’s impressions are not “out of the circle” by the minority; while the folk songs of Ma Tiao do not limit his every opportunity to show music because of his music style. As Mr. Liu Huan said after listening to Ma Tiao singing in “The Voice of China”, all good music should have the right to be heard by all and more people like it.

The live broadcast invited Yang Yue, a senior host in the circle, and his meticulous arrangement connected the tracks of the entire album ingeniously. Netizens watched the entire album’s works through the live broadcast. When the song reaches the emotional point, the eyes of Ma Tiao and the host have repeatedly turned red. Netizens also screamed “I want to cry when I hear it” on the public screen. The host’s unique insights into Ma Tiao music pushed the live broadcast atmosphere to a climax again and again. Ma Tiao also played and sang a number of works from the new album, such as “Karamay”, “Outside the Great Wall”, and “Bianbian”.

The ten works of the album are different from the previous folk songs. The arrangement is generous and full, without losing warmth and warmth. They are also regarded as “a clear stream” in the commercial market by netizens. The song resonated with online netizens. Many people’s first feeling after hearing this is: “I miss my hometown.”

The album originated from the epidemic and sent out because of homesickness

Announcement in a special way such as live broadcast is due to the epidemic. When talking about the reasons for the creation of this album, Ma Tiao said that it was also because he could not go back to his hometown during the epidemic and started writing songs while staying in Beijing. “The first song I wrote was “Karamay”, and then I couldn’t stop it, and I wrote three or four works one after another.”

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“Everyone has the same feelings about their hometown.” Especially since 2020, due to the epidemic, many people have difficulty returning home. This album follows the context of homesickness. Ma Tiao uses poetry and melody to portray the vastness and vastness of his hometown delicately. “These songs are basically some scenes I have seen and experienced since I was a child.” Ma Tiao Said so.

The whole album regards the outside of the Great Wall as the sky and homesickness as the land. It shows the creative strength of the “folk poet”. With the music, I felt the excitement and enthusiasm of the singer riding his horse all the way to the west and rushing to his hometown outside the Great Wall.


(“Outside the Great Wall” MV)

At the same time when the new album was first broadcast live, the MV for the title “Beyond the Great Wall” of the same name was released, showing the vastness and distance beyond the Great Wall with pictures and musical notes. With the agile style of ink painting, it showed the pleasure and unrestrainedness of riding a horse. Restore the unique scene of “there is Jiangnan outside the Great Wall”.

“Outside the Great Wall” has been polished for two years, drawing inspiration from the surging national music. He talks about homesickness, the lost monuments, and the scarce humanistic care of this era. He sings nature, sings ancient history, and sings blood flowing in. Affectionate, using music to draw a magnificent, expansive, delicate and microscopic picture of “outside the Great Wall”, in which there are people who “look at the hometown”-everyone in the wind and sand of the times.

(Selected inside page illustrations)

In order to present the desolate and heavy temperament of the album, the cover also specially selected a “weight” artwork-a stone rubbing the desert wilderness, which fits well with the musical temperament presented by the album. On the inside page of the album, Mr. Jiang Dingyang was invited to carefully hand-painted nine illustrations for each song, which fully penetrated the artistry into the auditory and visual sense of the album.

The live broadcast will give full play to the advantages of live broadcast “carrying goods”, and the pre-sale of the physical album will be released. It is reported that the official pre-sale of the physical album started on November 17. Ma Tiao’s national tour will also start in late November, and the promotion of the new album is in full swing.

(Horse strip)


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