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Macri criticized Vidal and then regretted it: “I never questioned her”

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Macri criticized Vidal and then regretted it: “I never questioned her”

After having questioned the decision of the ex-governor Mary Eugenia Vidal to publicly support the presidential candidate of Together for Change, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, Mauricio Macri retracted and He stated that “at no time did he question it.”

“I want to make it clear that at no time did I question María Eugenia for her decision to publicly support Horacio. My position historically was always the same, everyone owns their decisions and these should not be questioned”, the former president published on his social networks.

“From that freedom also arises individual responsibility. What merit or fault would someone have if he cannot do what he wants or say what he thinks? I believe in that, For better or for worse, we must all be the authors of our destiny.”, he reflected next.

“I think you have to take care of your word,” insisted the former president

Lastly, in reference to the disappointment expressed by the national deputy and former Security Minister of Vidal’s management, Macri expressed: “Also I understand the disappointment of Cristian Ritondowho felt that the promised word had not been fulfilled because also, as I said other times, I believe that you have to take care of your word ”.

The decision of María Eugenia Vidal to support Horacio Rodríguez Larreta shook the already tense internal of the opposition coalition, eleven days before the elections PASO. “With a few days left until the PASO and with the conviction that on August 14 we will all be together, united, I want to tell you that in the next elections, I am going to vote for Horacio,” the former governor had published on her social networks this Wednesday. in the morning.

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The reaction where Macri questioned Vidal: “He has blurred his profile”

Before regretting condemning Vidal’s words, the former president of Together for Change, Mauricio Macri, had shared a hard reflection in statements to the press that were given during a tour he was taking in San Nicolás.

I don’t see it as a surprise, given the long-standing relationship that Larreta and Vidal have, that they support each other. But I also listened to Ritondo. He is right to be disappointed, “said Macri and added:” The best thing in life is to do what one says. And unfortunately I feel that María Eugenia has made several successive decisions in which she has blurred her profile“.

“He has blurred his profile and that’s what hurts the people who are with herwho had made a commitment to Patricia and with Ritondo at the head as one of the most important leaders she had within her group,” continued the reference from Together for Change.

Cristian Ritondo: “I was disappointed that Vidal said he was going to vote for Larreta”

Asked about who best represents the space internally, Macri assured that “the important thing is that we understand that Argentina needs a profound change.” “If we continue as we are now, the only thing we are going to have is more poverty and exclusion. Argentina needs a deep, fast, clear and firm change. You need to get people out of the hopelessness they’ve fallen into. People have to choose who that represents,” he said.

For his part, Ritondo had been the first to expose his rejection of the decision of who has been his main political reference. “It is clear that I am disappointed in María Eugenia’s decision and I told her personally. He told me he was going to stay neutral. I worked with her for years and we fought important battles in the province of Buenos Aires that had never happened before,” said the legislator.

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“The person with character to follow that change is Patricia Bullrich.” “Not everything is worth one vote and I don’t like it when Patricia’s proposal is criticized. There has to be a harmony,” Ritondo said in communication with CNN Radio.

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