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MAD CADDIES – Arrows Room 117

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MAD CADDIES – Arrows Room 117

Arrows Room 117
(Punk Rock | Ska | Reggae)

Label: SBÄM Records | 55 Rose Records
Format: (LP)

Release: 15.03.2024

„This Life is not what it seems“
This album is very personal…it’s three years of hard work while the world stood still. Song title or band member

We’ve been waiting for this for years, because since the cover album “Punk Rocksteady”, which was released in 2018, the band hasn’t heard anything new from them for a long time. But today the time has come, the Californian ska/reggea punk legends MAD CADDIES are releasing their new album “Arrows Room 117”. Chuck Roberts, founder and singer of the band says: “This album is very personal – it’s three years of hard work while the world stood still.” Last November the MAD CADDIES were already on tour and got the arena going (we reported). But now let’s listen to this gem.

And it starts right away with Chuck and his unmistakable voice: „Hear my voice, take my hand“, accompanied by a slightly distorted guitar, an accordion immediately joins in and it doesn’t take long until the trumpet introduces the reggae beat. The boys start the new album in a relaxed manner with “Green Eyes” with a new line-up. A love song about a girl from Canada: „I see the star in your green Eyes…walk with me to foreign lands“.

Song number two is the single from the album “Palm Trees And Pines”! Upbeat and “bitter sweet”, that’s how a love song can be calm. Absolutely brilliant chorus, it’s incredibly easy on the ear and makes you want to sing along. In the verse, the lead guitar makes brilliant double stops slightly in the background (“panned off left” for those who listen closely). A small solo with slightly distorted guitar is also added and the brass complements the melody. Perfect harmony with the singing and the words: „You’re runnin’ my heart all over this town“, what a smash hit in the MAD CADDIES style.

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This is followed by the namesake of the album “Arrow Room 117”. Attention, blues influence coming in! Wow, unheard of by caddies in this form, but super awesome. Great guitar sound, slightly distorted in the licks, but with a lot of reverb. A piano is added and Chuck’s voice fits this new sound really well. The bass is supported in the right places by the brass, beautifully pointed and with a really rich, penetrating sound, while the piano plays very quietly in the background.

“Darkness” is melancholy and so the song is set with a classic rock beat, while the keyboard sets the mood with an almost church-like sound in the background and then it says: „This Life is not what it seems“. In the last third the trumpets really soar, come into their own and underline the theme.

The album is definitely filled with love, as “Beautiful Bed” continues emotionally. Melodic reggae with ska trumpets, an absolute home base for the MAD CADDIES. The same goes for “Everywhere You Go (There You Are).”

Yes, there are no limits to the genres. With their new song “Baby”, the groovy ska punkers veer a bit towards country. But don’t worry, the brass section and the keyboard ensure the right ska drive in this number too.

Tracklist „Arrows Room 117“:

1. Green Eyes
2. Palm Trees And Pines
3. Arrows Room 117
4. Beautiful Bed
5. Darkness
6. Everywhere You Go (There You Are)
7. Run
8. Baby
9. Ride Or Die
10. Backroads
11. Looking For The Answers
12. In the Morning
Total playing time: 39:16

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MAD CADDIES – Arrows Room 117LineUp:Chuck Robertson – Guitar/VocalsJon Gazi – PercussionBrandon Landelius – GuitarStepháne Montigny – TromboneJason Lichau – TrumpetSean Sellers – Drums9…Buy on Amazon{“@context”: “http://schema.org/”,
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