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Maison Cherie, from the iconic jacket to the coats

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Maison Cherie, from the iconic jacket to the coats

«We women should have a 72-hour day», Elisabetta begins when we talk to each other on the phone, always in a rush between product design, customers and photo shoots. She wins you over with her sympathy and empathy for her. She that she transmits to customers when she tells the models of the collections, autumn-winter and spring-summer. “I have always been involved in fashion – she says – she, first with my sister I created a brand of bags, then after several years I chose to create my own brand of clothes”.

Elisabetta Romagnoli lives in Modena, where she moved to stay with her partner and be closer to the fabric and fashion district of Carpi. She becomes a clothing designer in 2017 and immediately collects the consent of customers: «For years I had activated e-commerce, but it is with the lockdown due to the pandemic that sales have increased thanks to social networks. With 23,000 followers on Instagram alone, ”she says. All the production is Made in Italy, with the support of some laboratories in the area.

On the social channel of Instagram Elisabetta presents models and collections with videos that entertain her customers, who are fond of her work of research and transposition of models in current affairs and in everyday life.

«My product is almost tailor-made – he tells Il Sole 24 Ore -. The fabrics are refined ». The models are exclusive and particular, the iconic garment of the collections is a jacket with petal sleeves and raw-cut slits that is declined in different fabrics and patterns. The most eclectic is the camouflage one. “The contrast created by the model with the camouflage fabric has given life to a garment that has been very successful”, emphasizes Elisabetta. The two collections are flanked by capsule collections, «and sometimes I insert variants of an article that has had a response – says the designer -, with new fabrics. The iconic Baroque jacket changes its name based on the fabric. Victory in velvet is called victory and so on ». The collection is based on a hundred models, then declined in different fabrics and colors.

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The inspiration comes above all from the fabrics, which Elisabetta imagines made, from jackets to coats. But nature and cities, museums and culture also offer reasons for inspiration.

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