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Maison Kitsuné’s latest 2022 spring and summer series officially debuts

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Maison Kitsuné launched the latest spring/summer 2022 series “Maison Kitsuné Camp”, which combines the vitality of the city and the tranquility of the suburbs, and puts forward the concept of modernity and eternity in the fashion industry.

Marcus Clayton, the creative director of Maison Kitsuné, uses modern silhouettes, fabrics and new details to create an atmosphere of “life art” while also showing its lively brand style. This season’s collection uses natural colors, such as beige, brick red, olive green, dark green, navy blue, brown and black. Through the image photos, you can see that the series integrates elements of pragmatism, sports street feel and high-end casual wear in the lush forest.

In addition, the series of nylon and cotton jackets, jackets, tops, suits, and workwear-inspired lower bodies, etc., all adopt a slightly oversize style and staggered and stacked layers as the design focus of this series, through the details of casual and formal clothing. Matching combinations, such as exaggerated necklaces and poplin headscarves wrap each other, emphasizing high-level relaxation.

The iconic fox logo of Maison Kitsuné also runs through the entire series. In addition to being a logo, it also appears on the patterns of jacquard fabrics and handbag accessories, becoming a highlight.

Maison Kitsuné 2022 Spring/Summer series is expected to be on sale early next year. Interested readers can first go to HBX to purchase other items of the brand.

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