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Making grand prizes with vintage cars, why not? With the simulator …

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If digitized simulation is the best way to cultivate our dreams, could electronics not get their hands on the passion for classic cars? You know kids are content to start driving and the older ones dream of driving in circuits all over the world, why not call into question the “richest” genre of motoring for passion, that of the most precious collectibles? After all, the game is already done: the current programs are able to reproduce any vehicle in any condition, from the family car to Formula 1, from the queens of rallies to the off-road vehicles of the Dakar; it therefore becomes almost obvious to exploit the infinite possibilities of a “console” to simulate, together with the most prestigious vehicles, something that comes from the past such as a GTO, a Bugatti 35, a Jaguar D or a Grand Prix Maserati.

The brilliant idea was not to be satisfied with adapting the software and technical parameters to simulate the behavior of a “classic”, but to whet the spirit of belonging and add everything needed to reproduce the exclusive atmosphere of collectors. high edge. The eClassic Group was born precisely to adapt the world of simulation to the most snobbish and wealthy fringe to give its members the opportunity to reproduce “at the table” the thrill of driving their jewels when they want, “where” they want (simulated more famous tracks than classic races), without risk even if you overdo it and (why not) in a much more economical and completely “sustainable” way.

The project, developed and managed by The Classic Car Trust (TCCT) association based in Vaduz in the principality of Liechtenstein, plans to network the members of the club who, through a customized app, will have access to the specific platform on which, in addition to simulations and online comparisons, a series of events, meetings and even dedicated “academic” driving courses will be held. The final touch was the creation of “in style” simulators, designed by great names in motoring of yesterday and today such as Pininfarina and Zagato, so as to physically recreate the glance of the driver’s seat of a protagonist of the past. . “Sportiva”, “Elio Z” and “Leggenda” are the first models proposed during the presentation of the initiative, in Saint Moritz, when the first model of the simulator by Pininfarina (Leggenda) was auctioned and awarded for 175,000 euros.

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