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Male Star Street Shooting | Street Cool boy Wu Lei is so sunny, has Xiao Lizi’s “dating” partner changed? |Actor Street Shooting|Wu Lei|Star same style_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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Male Star Street Shooting | Street Cool boy Wu Lei is so sunny, has Xiao Lizi’s “dating” partner changed? |Actor Street Shooting|Wu Lei|Star same style_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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Original Title: Male Star Street Shooting | Street Cool boy Wu Lei is so sunny, Xiao Lizi’s “dating” partner has changed?

For your good mood on the weekend, this issue of actor street photography is here as scheduled.

Brother Sanshi, who speaks sunshine in Chinese, opened the show, as well as Vanness Wu, who has a retro style. This week’s hot couple also joined hands to show their affection. In Europe and the United States, I believe that after reading the headline street photos yesterday, everyone knows that Xiao Lizi and GiGi were photographed on a date!But within two days, he changed to a new date “object”, guess who it is

On November 21, Wu Lei appeared in Changsha

Brother Sanshi’s Sunshine Opening! After all, I was also a child who grew up watching him. After feeling that he was “pretending to be an adult” for a long time, I suddenly saw him appearing in a shirt, vest and overalls, turning into a cool boy next door and waving goodbye to fans. Emotion came to my head again.

On November 20th, Vanness Wu appeared in Shanghai

The weather is getting colder, and Van Ness temporarily gave up the title of the handsome guy on the high street, and started to play retro fashion. Plaid + red and green + rose + black gold elements are all put together, and there are even round-frame sunglasses for blessing. It is worthy of being the leader of a trendy brand. Wearing tips are in my heart!

On November 24th, Ma Boqian appeared in Beijing

Hooded jacket + a very cute sunflower bag, the bag on the clothes is more personalized, and there are fewer sportsmen and horses. You are playing a very new trend.

On November 20, Fu Longfei appeared in Changsha

Wa Ge wears green again. Counting down, he wears green quite a lot. Not only does he like it personally, but also has a high degree of adaptation. Whether it is bee green or today’s avocado green, the upper body and back can make people get the effect of coexistence of fashion and youth.

The editor randomly found two sets, you guys come and experience them.

Do you think that today’s male stars are all wearing “flashy” clothes? Don’t worry, the next step is black and black ↓

On November 24, Wei Daxun appeared in Changsha

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The first feeling I saw when I saw this photo was: Daxun’s proportions are really good! Wearing a hat, a mask, and casual clothes can still make people feel handsome, which is because of his skills.

The only question is: can he, who claims to be a “funny man”, manage his expressions well! And!This color-blocking jacket really looks like the color matching of the work clothes of SF Express brother

On November 24th, INTO1-Zhou Keyu appeared in Beijing

In order to record the variety show “Wireless Transcendence Class”, my brother ran to the airport with a big bag. The black and white match is very clean, and the pullover hoodie is a bit handsome. It seems that there is another group of mother fans who are about to change their love~

On November 24, Qu Chuxiao appeared in Beijing

Oh, whose Zhang Wansen is it? This time he stacked three layers, plus a hat, sunglasses and a mask, it felt a little heavy, but fortunately, the work shirt and jeans match!

On November 22, Lin Gengxin appeared in Shanghai

Lin Gou Xiaoxin, who I haven’t seen for a long time, is dressed casually in a black jacket with sneakers, with one hand in his pocket playing the role of a cold male silver (hmph, I know you’re not)!

On November 21, Hawick Lau and Li Xiaofeng appeared in Beijing

These two are the hottest figures in internal entertainment this week. When he was photographed, he admitted generously, and walked to the airport arm in arm in couple outfits, showing off his affection.

On November 20 local time, Leonardo DiCaprio appeared in New York

It was photographed having dinner with GiGi. This is the first time the two have been photographed by paparazzi in the street for such a long time. They are so low-key and cover themselves tightly. It seems that they are serious, and they don’t want to let The paparazzi is coming.

On November 22 local time, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire appeared in Los Angeles

But how do you say that “common saying”-“The flowing girlfriend, the iron-clad Toby and Xiao Lizi”?

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That’s right, although the two of them are developing with their new girlfriends, they will never ignore this friendship that has lasted for N years, and they still have to make appointments to drink and chat at night.

On November 11 local time, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dome appeared in California

‘Twilight’ ‘Little Wolf’ Taylor Lautner Is Married! He and his girlfriend held their wedding in the California suburbs.What’s interesting is: Since the fiancée with the same name decides to take her husband’s surname after marriage, they will have the same name, and they will all be called Taylor Lautner in the future hahahaha~Anyway, be happy

Attached is a beautiful kiss photo~

On November 20 local time, Juiana Nalu and Kanye West appeared in Los Angeles

Ye went out on a date with his new Ye girl, and he tried his best to “format” every girlfriend, such as the couple’s rain boots on their feet

On November 20 local time, Zoe Kravitz and Chris Pine appeared in Los Angeles

Every year on Thanksgiving Eve, the two get together for dinner. Pai Pai is still very handsome (forget about the old man riding a bicycle hahahaha). Cough, pay attention to this railing, does it look familiar? That’s right, it’s the internet celebrity sushi restaurant Sushi Park, where many stars (like Bella and Kendou) also love to go.

On November 25 local time, Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith appeared in London

The couple went shopping Shooping together, but the style of dressing is really different. Jodie’s mink fur coat upper body, black and white plaid trousers and Martin boots are very ladylike. And Joshua’s flamboyant pink hat and army green shirt, it can be seen that he is a boring middle-aged man (this suit feels like the kind that Justin Bieber would wear).

On November 23 local time, Liam Payne and Kate Cassidy appeared in London

Lily’s new girlfriend had dinner with her. Although Lily was a little thin and out of shape, he and his girlfriend were both dressed formally. This velvet suit matched his girlfriend’s lace inner very well, and it had a sense of ceremony.

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And, his angle is very Chuck Bass.

On November 22 local time, Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello appeared in Santa Monica

The two had dinner to celebrate their 7th wedding anniversary. Yazi, who looked very happy, even wore an All Black couple outfit, which is great.

On November 23 local time, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend appeared in Beverly Hills

Brother Legend and Legend Sister-in-law made big purchases at the mall to prepare for Thanksgiving. The legendary sister-in-law who is pregnant with the third child does not need to take it, just hold a beautiful bouquet of flowers~ Unfortunately, shortly after the couple returned home from shopping, the legendary sister-in-law sent an IG saying that her oven was broken, eating Less than roasted turkey is a Thanksgiving disaster!

On November 23 local time, Jake llenhaal and Jeanne Cadieu appeared in New York

Lao Ji and his girlfriend are holding hands in the middle of the road, the same color couple jeans look good, and the frequency of their steps is so consistent, what a terrible couple! The key is handsome men and beautiful women, and the fateful CP sense of leather clothes and coats has also been seen on them again.

On January 16, local time, Jeremy Allen White appeared in Baton Rouge

Brother Lip’s new film is shooting! Since “The Bear” (The Bear) exploded, everyone is looking forward to this “Iron Claw” (Iron Claw). Seeing Brother Lip wearing a long wavy wig and an old man’s shirt, I couldn’t help thinking about the plot.

On November 22 local time, Kate Middleton and Price William appeared in London

The royal couple took part in the carriage procession to Buckingham Palace together. William’s tie matched Kate’s suit, and the two smiled and whispered together, what to do if they were so sweet.

After finishing writing, I found out that this issue of male star street shoots seems to be in pairs, ah~ Autumn and winter are really a season suitable for dating, you are right!

Image source: Visual ChinaInternet

Edit: Stacy

Written by: Rosy

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