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“Manslaughter 2” exposes the “new departure” special, the main creative interpretation redefines “manslaughter”-Mtime

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Time News The film “Manslaughter 2”, produced by Chen Sicheng and directed by Dai Mo, released the “New Departure” special, which was created by a group of actors to introduce this all-round upgraded story to the audience. The film is starring Xiao Yang, Ren Dahua, Wen Yongshan, Chen Yuzhen, Song Yang, and Li Zhiting. It is adapted from “Important” starring Denzel Washington and will be released nationwide on December 24.

Manslaughter 2

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96 minutes-plot / suspense / crime Released in China on December 24, 2021

In the special edition, Xiao Yang said that this time is not a continuation of the previous story, but a new story with new characters. Wen Yongshan revealed that this is a family of three from very happy, and then suddenly changed dramatically. Faced with the “expensive” surgical fees required for the treatment of their son’s illness, they ran out of everything. Ren Dahua sighed that the film showed the paternal love of ordinary people in a real society, very helpless. “You never know what a father can do for his children…”

As the producer Chen Sicheng said, the theme of the “Manslaughter” series is to save the children and show the warmth of humanity, but Lin Rilang has become the initiative to set the stage, trying to resolve the crisis by creating chaos. In this life and death puzzle that is difficult to distinguish between good and evil, you may sometimes be irritated by the so-called brutality of “gangster” Lin Rilang, and sometimes moved by his deep paternal love. It is unpredictable which is right or wrong?

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In the special feature, the director Dai Mo introduced the hidden meaning behind the “manslaughter”, how to tell if this person is a good person or a bad person? There is no way to define a person with one thing, because the definition of a person is a manslaughter. In his opinion, this movie is more social and worthy of discussion. Xiao Yang said that when everyone is pursuing their own happiness, it will inevitably hurt the happiness of others. Producer Chen Sicheng also said that in today’s era of divergent opinions, whether it is about a person or an event, should everyone maintain a more calm attitude before thoroughly clarifying the truth? Through this film, perhaps everyone can gain further introspection and reflection.

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