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“Mao Zedong” is also moist?Chinese actor Tang Guoqiang was revealed to have appeared in the United States (Figure)

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“Mao Zedong” is also moist?Chinese actor Tang Guoqiang was revealed to have appeared in the United States (Figure)

Recently, it was reported that Tang Guoqiang, a well-known Chinese actor who once played Mao Zedong, appeared in the United States. (Image source: Internet screenshot)

[Looking at the Village on January 8, 2023 in China](See the comprehensive report by Chinese reporter Li Xiaokui) in recent yearsChina epidemicUnder the shackles and heavy economic losses, many celebrities have been rumored to “beautify” and go abroad.Now there is news that once playedMao Zedongfamous Chinese actorsTang Guoqiangshow upUnited States, arousing external attention. Some netizens joked, “Mao Zedong also”Run‘ up. ”

Is Tang Guo strong?Appearing in the United States to attract attention

On January 4, some netizens broke the news that they met Tang Guoqiang and his wife when they entered the airport, and uploaded the photos of the American airport on the Internet. In the photo, Tang Guoqiang is wearing a black jacket with a gray turtleneck sweater inside. He has gray hair and more wrinkles on his face, but he is in good spirits.

Netizens also broke the news, “Tang Guoqiang and his wife, who appeared in the United States, went to their house for dinner. The three of them were still standing on the stairs at home and took a group of photos as a souvenir.”

After the relevant news came out, some netizens commented “Is this an immigrant?”, “Old Mao has also enriched the United States, and now he has really become “Mao Runzhi” (Mao Zedong’s word Runzhi).”, “Tang Guoqiang is not stupid , I know where is good and where is bad”, “Recently I found that many art celebrities are in the United States“.

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According to public information, Tang Guoqiang joined the Qingdao Repertory Theater Troupe after graduating from middle school in 1970, and entered the Bayi Film Studio in 1975, starting his film and television career. He joined the Communist Party of China in 1984, and then encountered a family crisis. His wife hanged herself on New Year’s Eve in 1990.

Tang Guoqiang’s first wife was Sun Tao, his father-in-law Sun Wei, who was the deputy director of the Political Department of the Basic Construction Engineering Corps of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, and his mother-in-law Li Hongbin. “Friends” magazine revealed that Sun Tao suffered from mental illness, but his mother Li Hongbin denied it, thinking that Tang Guoqiang had an extramarital affair that caused Sun Tao to commit suicide. In 1993, Tang Guoqiang married the actress Zhuang Li who was 12 years younger than him.

In 1994, Tang Guoqiang played Zhuge Liang in the TV series “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. Played the role of Mao Zedong, the leader of the Communist Party of China, in 36 film and television dramas including “Mao Zedong”, “Long March”, “Ode to Yan’an”, “The Founding of the People’s Republic of China”, “Changjin Lake”, and is known as “Mao Zedong’s professional player”. He has won many awards such as Golden Rooster Award, Hundred Flowers Award and Huabiao Award.

China set off a wave of celebrity “run”?

In recent years, under the ravages of the epidemic and severe economic losses in China, it has been reported that many celebrities have “beautiful” abroad. Among them, the news that the well-known Chinese director Feng Xiaogang and his wife settled down in Los Angeles once caused heated discussions.

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At that time, there were media reports that Feng Xiaogang bought two luxury houses in Los Angeles for US$5 million and more than US$6 million. However, Feng Xiaogang refuted the rumors in WeChat Moments later, denying that he and his wife Xu Fan immigrated to the United States, only saying that they sent their children to the United States to go to school, and the children returned to China after the winter vacation.

In addition, celebrity Le Jia posted photos of her life in the United States during the traditional Chinese Qixi Festival. The image and text IP address released by Lejia is displayed as “United States“, and the time is August 4, 2022. Le Jia was a guest on China’s most popular dating show “If You Are the One”.

In the same month, the Chinese immigration information service platform “Over the Sea” issued an article saying that some netizens met the famous mainland dancer Jin Xing in New York and took a group photo and sent it to Moments. .

Also in August, Yao Ming, chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, sold his domestic assets and settled in Houston with his family. Yao Ming was famous for playing basketball in the United States in his early years. His daughter was born in the United States and is an American citizen. Yao Ming later returned to China to play and took up an official position.

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