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Mao Zijun learns Kunqu singing voice and figure for weight loss in “The Mother of the House”

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Original title: Mao Zijun learns Kunqu singing voice and figure for weight loss in “The Master of the House”

The costume drama “The Mother of the House” starring Jiang Qinqin, Mao Zijun, Yang Rong, and Zhang Huiwen is currently on the air. The drama is co-directed by Wang Xiaoming and Guohao.


In the play, Wei Lianggong, played by Mao Zijun, is a graceful gentleman with a weak character and a gentle character, who is gentle and modest, and has a good sense of responsibility. He breaks the secular shackles with the mother of the house, Shen Cuixi. Some netizens believe that Wei Lianggong’s death has become a major “difficulty in peace” of the show.

Mao Zijun, who has appeared in Qingzhuang dramas for three times, is very familiar with this kind of subject matter. Talking about the reasons for playing this role, Mao Zijun said bluntly: “I think Wei Lianggong will be a little bit miserable. I have never played such a miserable (character).” In order to highlight Wei Lianggong’s “tragic” and weakness, Mao Zijun deliberately lost weight, starting from 131 The cat was reduced to 123 catties, and her face was sunken in the end.

As a literati and scholar in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Wei Lianggong had many parts of singing Kunqu opera. In order to make his role more complete, Mao Zijun specially learned the singing and body of Kunqu opera with a professional teacher. He said that he was very happy to have the opportunity to get in touch with Kunqu opera this time. “Before shooting, I learned some basic skills with a professional teacher before I found out that Chinese opera is extensive and profound, just a few sentences, every gesture is knowledge, every move is an article. The shooting is in a hurry, I hope that there will be more opportunities to learn about our excellent traditional culture in the future. .” (Su Yiyu)

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