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Margaret Sherwood 2024

All photos from the series “Ripley” on Netflix

The book “The Talent of Mr. Ripley” is one of the best books in my opinion and the 1999 adaptation (with Matt Damon, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow and Philip Seymour Hoffman) is probably the film I’ve seen the most times, so it’s no wonder that the new adaptation, which comes in the form of A series on Netflix, I arrived suspicious and resentful.

It’s true, while watching the first few episodes I was busy finding everything I didn’t like, but when I write “find” I try to be gentle because the truth is that there’s really no need to look, everything is there, served on a silver spoon filmed from several angles in black and white with dramatic music in the background.
At some point I was able to let go of my dissatisfaction, see everything, and even enjoy it a little. Still, if you haven’t seen any adaptation yet, go for the 1999 film: while the 1999 film is full of life, sexy, photographed in color and above all clarifies the secret of Tom Ripley’s success, a guy who everyone who meets him immediately likes, while the Ripley of the series, played by Andrew Scott, manages to arouse antagonism and suspicion in everyone who meets him, including receptionists, so that it is not at all clear how the plot progresses: after all, this is a type that the reasonable person will try not to make eye contact with and certainly not to invite him home.
The rest of the castings in the series also took place on Chappel: The charming 25-year-old Ripley is played by Andrew Scott, who is about to turn fifty. Twenty-something-year-old Dickie Greenleaf is played by 41-year-old Johnny Flynn, who seems to have been given the only directing instruction to leave the personal charm and facial expressions at home. His partner, Marge (Margaret) Sherwood – in the book and in the film, his age – is played by 30-year-old Dakota Fanning, and Freddie Miles, the privileged and chauvinist, the one everyone loves to hate, was chosen to play Eliot Sumner, 34, the gender fluid. . At no point does the feeling of a rich and cohesive American group that grew up together and that requires an effort to penetrate, the characters remain at the level of individualistic details that the hand of chance brought them together for lunch.

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The only detail I liked in the series more than in the movie: Marge’s wardrobe
While 1999’s Marge Sherwood (Gwyneth Paltrow) was given a dreamy fifties wardrobe of the kind that never appears in my dreams, most of the new Marge’s (Dakota Fanning) clothes look like they were pulled from Dickie Greenleaf’s closet, forever the most coveted wardrobe in the world: Z Shorts that are big on her, ankle-baring pants, men’s shoes, button-down shirts, fisherman’s sweater. All served with long blonde ponytails and brooding looks.

Suggested serving: Margaret Sherwood on the beach

Large cotton button down shirt. The bigger one /// Signet ring (as it were) by Dickey (a brand I discovered on Neely Lotten’s Instagram) /// Big sunglasses (the observer’s and mine’s Jules model) /// Leather sandals /// Sweater because it’s cool on the beach in Italy / // Cocktail glass in hand. Mostly a martini

Signs of aging: You passionately hate every new adaptation of the works you love. And don’t get me started on the Netflix version of “One Day”.

A holiday gift for blog readers: Joni Mitchell sings I’m Still Standing

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