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Maria Großbauer (culture spokeswoman ÖVP): The RSO will be preserved – mica

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Maria Großbauer (culture spokeswoman ÖVP): The RSO will be preserved – mica

Great joy for the ÖVP culture spokeswoman: The federal government is looking for a way so that the RSO can remain in place.

Vienna (OTS/ÖVP-PK) – “The federal government is clearly committed to finding a way to preserve the RSO (Radio Symphony Orchestra). This is a great joy and important for the contemporary music landscape in Austria and Europe.”, according to ÖVP culture spokeswoman Abg. Maria Großbauer, who has campaigned for the preservation of the RSO makes strong, after the press conference by Federal Minister Susanne Raab and the Green Club Chairwoman Sigrid Maurer.

“The RSO is of great importance for the music and culture country of Austria and is an internationally valued and sought-after ensemble. Therefore, the preservation of the RSO is not only important for our own identity, but ultimately also a magnet for millions of tourists who come to our country precisely because of our art and culture. And if you think of the most important and most-watched productions on ORF, which mainly show art and culture, it is clear how important art and culture are for our country and how much they enrich our image in the world.”so Großbauer.

“Culture is our most important soft power, which is an important constant that we can rely on, especially in a volatile world. In a commercialized and digitized society, we need digital but also analogue opportunities to deal with art and culture. With their programs, ORFIII and Ö1 make an important contribution to Austrian art and culture. Another essential task is the dissemination of Austrian film and Austrian pop music, for which Ö3 is responsible. Because Austria also stands for contemporary art. For this reason alone, the RSO must absolutely continue to exist”emphasizes Maria Großbauer in conclusion.

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