Home Entertainment MARINE SERRE officially released the 2023 autumn and winter “RISING SHELTER” series

MARINE SERRE officially released the 2023 autumn and winter “RISING SHELTER” series

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MARINE SERRE officially released the 2023 autumn and winter “RISING SHELTER” series

This month, MARINE SERRE officially released the 2023 autumn and winter series in the grand Grande Halle de La Villette theater. With a poetic and almost mysterious show atmosphere, it conveyed a clear-cut fashion proposition, and the show set up a series of highly recognizable Degree symbols and logos. This season, the five looks that make up the latest RISING SHELTER collection revolve around the three interrelated themes of engagement, rebellion and transformation. The first collection is a selection from the countless cream, white and beige tote bags that are ubiquitous in our world. It is estimated that 20,000 times each, or 54 years of daily use, is required to offset the environmental impact of its entire production process. Perhaps this slender, casual, unisex design can prompt us to think about other ways to use the various excess resources on the planet today.

The show then turned to the brand’s classics – a new collection for the season in recycled black and gray denim, linen, T-shirts and leather and, of course, MARINE SERRE’s signature moiré fabric, which forms its The yarns that shine in the look are made from recycled fishing line and nets. Unique, rebellious motorcycle racing colors and patterns are reinterpreted in leather accessories and haute couture. This season’s designs feature more subdued tones, with the signature crescent moon graphic on jeans faded and T-shirts in hues inspired by imagery of dawn and dusk. Overall, this season’s collection features more slender silhouettes.

Then, the label kicks off an elegant prelude with its signature voluminous knits, which are playful and glamorous. The MARINE SERRE team transforms a series of common slow-moving fabrics into patchwork works that use orange lines to outline and accentuate the body’s curves, creating sophisticated and simple silhouettes, these fabrics are often found in complex interiors ( Such as patterned tapestry, jacquard and brocade, etc.). And just like that, the classic living room fabric gets an unexpected new lease of life as the season’s most contemporary creation.

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This was followed by a set of extremely feminine black suits with vibrant top-stitching. At the end of the series, the regenerated silk scarf with rich floral patterns and bright yellow-green tones builds the shape, directing the focus of the show to rebirth and nature, drawing a successful conclusion to this series. True, the hope of transformation requires everyone to do their part. That’s why MARINE SERRE insists on doing its best to contribute to saving and protecting the natural environment. All the materials appearing on the show today come from recycled fabrics, and the eight-meter-tall tower device made of waste fabrics in the show will become the raw material for future house design. Imagination and creativity are undoubtedly the key to driving industry transformation.

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