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MARS RED SKY – Dawn Of The Dusk

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MARS RED SKY – Dawn Of The Dusk

Dawn Of The Dusk
(Stoner Rock | Doom)

Label: Mars Red Sound | Vicious Circle
Format: (LP)

Release: 08.12.2023

The stoner group MARS RED SKY, founded in Bordeaux in 2007, says they grew up with heroes like SONIC YOUTH, THE JESUS ​​LIZARD and MY BLOODY VALENTINE and can hardly believe that they are an important part of the French rock scene. Now there is the trio’s fifth work, “Dawn Of The Dusk”, and it’s once again something special.

The musically creative trio effortlessly blurs the worlds between stoner, doom and psychedelic, shows an incredible talent in instrumentalization and songwriting and offers a half-hour, damn exciting journey through their dark, atmospheric soundscapes.

Of course, BLACK SABBATH is a big topic and AVATARIUM is also an important term due to the often worn but sometimes well-rocking compositions, although MARS RED SKY definitely bring their own approaches and trademarks. Deep, oppressive riffs, booming bass and psychedelically sophisticated excursions are the order of the day here, while the pleasant vocals of Julius Pras, who floats like a lady above the material with his high vocals, but is also supported here and there by deeper vocals from his two colleagues. So the – positively – viscous sound skillfully wafts, booms and seeps out of the speakers, literally engulfs you in its atmosphere and soon gets stuck in your head due to its hypnotic properties.

MARS RED SKY are real masters of their craft and are hardly underrated, as “Dawn Of The Dusk” wonderfully shows. Anyone who likes to lose themselves in doomy sound worlds has definitely come to the right place here, which shows strong moments, memorable parts, but above all complex, well thought-out song structures.

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Tracklist „Dawn Of The Dusk“:

1. Break Even
2. Maps Of Inferno
3. The Final Round
4. A Choir Of Ghosts
5. Carnival Man
6. Stair Door
7. Slow Attack
8. Heavenly Bodies
Total playing time: 39:51


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