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Marsèll brings his handcrafted shoes to the new shop in via della Spiga

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Marsèll brings his handcrafted shoes to the new shop in via della Spiga

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It does not seem surprising that Marsèll, a shoe and accessories brand founded in 2001 and since then a cult object for a vast and transversal clientele of connoisseurs not bound by the traditional canons of the classic but interested in a fluid and evolving idea of ​​beauty, has chosen Via della Spiga, the most secluded of the Milanese quadrilateral, for the opening, at number 42, of the first flagship store.

Everything in Marsèll speaks of calm, dedication and research conducted in a personal way; of an idea of ​​quiet luxury which is far from the surreptitious projection of ancestral fortunes or old money, if you prefer, but rather aims to express an artisanal culture that arises from a profound knowledge of the material and technique put at the service of an urgent need for experimentation translated into pure, sculptural, timeless lines. The use, together, of innovative or almost lost in memory methods characterizes original and informal objects both in appearance and substance, handmade in the Brenta Riviera, near Venice, and therefore decidedly not industrial.

The design process, which is also a programmatic manifesto, can be summarized as follows: a shape is born two-dimensional, and then expands and takes on volume through the material, affirming its identity through color. It is in the constant repetition of a similar production pattern and in the formal reiteration of this creative act that Marsèll lives and evolves.

The same approach, a mixture of rigor of lines and meditative spirit, characterizes the store, designed in collaboration with the Berlin-based Lotto Studio: an imposing space, for its size – 400 m2, distributed over two floors, one of which is underground – and for the five windows that overlook the street making the absolute cubic volume of the volumes and the skilful blend of materials immediately visible. What dominates is the gray of the floor with an industrial flavor and the perimeter walls made with a mixture of cement and stone grit from the Brenta river.

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The women’s area is defined by travertine and the men’s area by the walnut wood of a large bookcase, while stainless steel, glass and leather characterize details and furnishings. A large staircase leads to the basement, modeled as a stepped forum and designed to house the Gomme line, but also intended as an exhibition space. In fact, what has always characterized Marsèll is the dialogue with other disciplines, experienced through the Marsèlleria and Paradise spaces in other areas of Milan. The interest in art is organic rather than a mere communicative strategy, and arises once again from attention to forms: entities that cross languages, becoming specific and different.

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