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MartÃn Erkekdjian and Coni Rossi, the chef couple that established themselves this summer ´24 – Diario RÃo Negro

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MartÃn Erkekdjian and Coni Rossi, the chef couple that established themselves this summer ´24 – Diario RÃo Negro

Conni Rossi and Martín Erkekdjian, in “Quetro”, their restaurant with closed doors and open kitchen, in Bariloche

Flying quetro is a gray duck that lives in mountain lakes and lagoons, a permanent resident of Patagonia, it rolls heavily in the water to take flight and maintains a stable partner throughout its life.

Quetro is also the restaurant with closed doors and open kitchen whose creators and owners are the chefs Martín Erkekdjian (42) and María Constanza Rossi (44), in Barilochewhich this summer were consecrated by locals, tourists and visitors.

The keys to success? A tangible, refined, genuine, real cuisine, with kilometer zero and very fresh products, with few ingredients on the plate, not many preparations and impeccable technique. Sensory stimulation is a fundamental part of the purpose of both. And boy do they achieve it.

Happy with their achievements, the journey they have reached, with what is to come, with their present… this is how this couple of chefs presents themselves who always valued the restaurants for which they worked… today they reap that recognition for themselves, their environment and this city , Bariloche, which empowers and protects them.

The square table occupies the central space in Quetro and there are ten of us diners. They serve up to twelve diners. The menu is always a surprise, in several steps, and is constantly renewed. Reservations must be made.

The table overlooks the kitchen where you can see Martín and Coni in action, quiet and focused on what they are doing; An ideal and fair playlist completes the atmosphere of the place and the conversation of the attendees is given in a friendly manner.

Who designed this restaurant? «The architect Sebastián Feslcher and the interior design was in charge of Dulce Ballada. They were there from the beginning, since we started thinking about it. “Both were able to interpret and capture everything they dreamed of,” Martín and Coni tell “Yo Como.”

Everything here is beautiful, everything looks impeccable and smells gently good.

A wide candle lit in the center of the table brings more warmth to the meeting.

The couple’s interventions are precise; They occur at the moment they present the dish of each step. They refer to what it is about once everyone is served. As soon as they finish doing it, they return to their positions to prepare the dish for the next step. And so on all night.

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At some point, with them present at the table, some ask “how and where did you meet?†, “how did it occur to you to make this restaurant in your own home?†, “are your children sleeping now?†, “ How did you come up with this dish?†…

Martín is very tall… Will he reach his shoulders? Just around there, maybe… The truth is that except for this detail, the rest of both come together perfectly. Together in tandem.

This is how a diner sees the “Quetro” kitchen from his table.

From San Isidro, passion for basketball as a teenager, after high school Martín signed up to study kineseology but he was immediately certain that that was not where he was interested. He began to study cooking and with his first knowledge he entered into Sucre (by Fernando Trocca). First as a pastry chef and then in charge of the kitchen; At four years old he left. Spain, Norway, New York, Chicago, Uruguay, Bariloche, Mendoza… and Bariloche, finally.

Coni has trained in ballet from a very early age. When choosing a career, he opted for choreography. During his first year of school he was injured… bye to that matter. He tried dancing tango but he doubted he could make a living from that art. Born entrepreneur He opened a bar in Palermo with some friends. He continued in another bar because things were going very well; studied at the IEA and here we have her… disciplined and theatrical in her kitchen.

Coni Rossi in the middle of selecting ingredients to then create dishes with them.

Was there an initial crush or not?

We will go for the third or fourth step, with excellent wines, and everyone wants to know how they met. Coni takes the lead. “We were 23 years old and we were at the Faena hotel. She looked at him with good eyes but he was very upset… He had a reputation for being boring according to his classmates. Immediately Martín left for the United States. He spent some time there until he was summoned to open a hotel in El Calafate. A manager at Faena had chosen me to go to that destination as a cook.â€

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That’s where the love story between them began.

They finished the season and came to Bariloche, which fascinated them.

In 2006, Martín was invited to open the kitchen at El Casco Art Hotel, a great opportunity. Six years later they went to Uruguay and then returned for the opening of the Arelauquen Lodge restaurant. Coni gets a job with China Müller in Cassis.

I hope I haven’t lost too much along the way or have lost you along the way. The road map of his life continues and the anecdotes follow one another.

My idea, ultimately, is to show you that this “quetro couple” is indissoluble, powerful, intense and creative.

They are parents of Mateo (12) and Mora (9).

View of a section of the “Quetro” restaurant, in Bariloche. It works in the chefs’ house.

Ping pong between plate and plate

Beautiful season this is for you.

Fortunately it is a very good season. Super grateful for the support and trust of each diner who decides to come to Quetro.

How would you define your restaurant?

Quetro is more than a restaurant. It is the extension of our home. Where we combine careful cuisine with relaxed service, where each diner can feel at home.

Where there are also private cooking classes, paired menus and the possibility of opening our place exclusively, for groups.

We opened two and a half years ago.

How do you define the cuisine you make?

It is a seasonal cuisine, conscious, simple and treated with technique. Our job is to look for the best product and provide its best expression to our guests and above all with love.

What differentiates them from the rest?

We don’t believe in competition; yes in working together. We know that if we all join together towards the same goal, the gastronomy of Bariloche grows and that benefits chefs, producers, gardeners, entrepreneurs and, above all, residents and tourists. Thus, together, we can provide you with more options for enjoyment.

What is it like to cook and have diners see the entire process?

Wonderful, it’s what we like the most. It becomes a real, visible proposal, where the interaction with diners is what we enjoy most.

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The possibility of meeting them, of seeing their reactions during the menu is something very nice, it motivates us.

What is the modality they offer?

We propose a 6-course surprise menu inspired by seasonal and Patagonian products. Asking each diner in advance if they have any dietary restrictions or allergies, to ensure that everyone has a very nice dinner or lunch.

– Work as a couple…

…it’s great, everything flows. We trust that our secret is balance, the search for balance between work and family. We are very different and those differences complement and enhance us.

Challenges from now on.

Start with the proposal of lunches and cooking classes for residents. The expectation is the same since we started this project: to continue enjoying the work and growth of our children.

What happens after this season?

Rest is a fundamental part of our philosophy of life. The search for improvement is something that always keeps us busy. We have triggers that happen to us in everyday life oriented towards seasonal products. We look for producers who have our same work philosophy. We also really like to return to dishes created in previous years to adapt them to our current vision.

Dinner is ending.

It started with an amuse bouche (complimentary delicacy): kumato tomato and Japanese peach salad, Saint Maureen cheese and tomato foam.

Prohibited: octopus carpaccio, potato and wasabi salad, coffee/olive/jadon emulsion, radish pikle.

Intermediate: trout, kiwi and pineapple tart, watermelon soup and vanilla oil.

Principal: beef eye brow, carrot/ras el hanout emulsion and goodness pesto.

Dessert: white chocolate cream, yogurt and saffron, red berries, rosehip meringue.

Steps of two consecrated men who, as in a quetro choreography, made a dinner an unforgettable experience.

Coni Rossi and Martín Erkekdjian in front of their restaurant, in Bariloche.

The photos of this interview are courtesy of @quetrococina

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