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Martín Lousteau’s strong accusation against Javier Milei POLITICS El Intransigente

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Martín Lousteau’s strong accusation against Javier Milei POLITICS El Intransigente

Martin Lousteau once again marked differences with Javier Miley in the framework of the discussion with the governors. The national senator expressed his concern about the “violence” that the President uses to confront those leaders who signal dissidence. He also gave his opinion on the crossover that occurred between the president and Lali Esposito.

The return to commission of the Omnibus Law brought a confrontation between the provinces and the national Executive. From Casa Rosada they decided to confront the governors who “obstructed” the progress of the project that Javier Milei had sent to Congress. Under the slogan of “traitors”, the head of state lashed out at all those who opposed the subsections that led to the return to commission of the Omnibus Law.

Radicalism was one of the sectors most highlighted by the President. As president of the party, Martín Lousteau gave his vision regarding the issue: «He is very prone to excesses, of all kinds, from how he approaches economic policy to how he responds. He has a double standard and doesn’t like it when someone thinks differently.«, he stated in TN.

After the legislative setback, the national government decided to cut the transportation subsidy to the provinces. Faced with this situation, with five radical governors, the senator observed what Milei’s objective is: «He wants provinces that are drowned. It is something that he learned as a negative lesson from Macri and a positive one from Kirchner, he needs to be able to dominate the provinces,” he stated.

Among the fronts that the President opened recently, the most recent is that of Lali Espósito. In an interview, Javier Milei called her “Lali Depósito” in relation to her recitals contracted by the State. Martín Lousteau was encouraged to defend the singer: «She answered him with great dignity and gave him a way out. Let’s see if the President takes it, apologizes or reduces the level of confrontation. “It is more of a mistake than a strategy,” he defined.

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«He points out those who do not think like him. His own girlfriend did a lot of municipal and provincial shows, but since he doesn’t think against her thoughts, he doesn’t point her out.. Just like a lot of other artists, journalists who do the same thing and treat it very well,” concluded the president of the UCR.

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