Home Entertainment Marvel is poised for DC’s first release of “The New Batman” who has become the blood-recovery agent – ​​yqqlm

Marvel is poised for DC’s first release of “The New Batman” who has become the blood-recovery agent – ​​yqqlm

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Marvel is poised for DC’s first release of “The New Batman” who has become the blood-recovery agent – ​​yqqlm

Original title: Marvel is poised to be the first to release “The New Batman”, who has become the blood-recovery agent

Five years later, Batman is back on the big screen with a new look. According to Beacon Professional Edition, as of 18:30 on March 20, the domestic cumulative box office of the movie “The New Batman” has exceeded 70 million yuan, and it has received scores ranging from 7-9 points on multiple platforms. In the global market, the cumulative box office of the film has exceeded 500 million US dollars. At this time, DC behind “The New Batman” is also trying to make a turnaround with this film, especially after the release of “Birds of Prey and Harley Quinn” and “Wonder Woman 1984” and other films, the word of mouth is not satisfactory. , and the old enemy Marvel is saving multiple IPs of “Doctor Strange”, “Thor” and “Black Panther” waiting to be launched, DC is a moment that needs more works that are recognized by the market.

New film grosses over $500 million worldwide

The release of “The New Batman” is undoubtedly the biggest hot spot in the film market this weekend, and directly occupies the first place in the single-day box office list, accounting for about 40% of the film’s box office every day.

According to the lighthouse professional version, on March 18, the first day of the release of “The New Batman”, the film’s single-day box office exceeded 20 million yuan, and it was also the only film that day’s box office reached 10 million yuan. On the second day, the single-day box office of “The New Batman” rose to over 30 million yuan. As of 18:30 on March 20, the cumulative domestic box office of “The New Batman” had exceeded 70 million yuan, ranking first in the mainland box office within a week. At the top of the list, the number of viewers exceeded 1.8 million.

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While the domestic box office continues to grow, the global box office of “The New Batman” is also rising further. According to public information, the film’s global box office has exceeded 520 million US dollars, of which North America’s box office of 270 million US dollars has become the main contribution. The box office in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia and other countries or regions also reached tens of millions of dollars.

Now, “The New Batman” has aroused heated discussions in the global film market, and it is against this background that more audiences are attracted to cinemas. Audience Ms. Tian told a reporter from Beijing Business Daily that she hadn’t seen a superhero movie for a while, so after seeing the news that “The New Batman” was finalized, she made a movie viewing plan. Friends went to the cinema together and watched the new work of this classic IP.

Strong enemies are waiting to meet double challenges

It is undeniable that “Batman”, who has been “old” in his 80s since he was first born in the comics in 1939, is not only a well-known classic IP, but also an important force under its creator DC. At this time, DC also needs the appearance of “Batman” to fight a turnaround for itself and gain greater competitiveness.

As we all know, in the field of superheroes, Marvel and DC are among the leaders, and they each own a large number of IPs. However, Marvel’s strong layout in the superhero universe, and the rhythm of launching live-action film works with higher output, made it quickly gain a wave of goodwill in front of the audience, occupying a large market share, and DC, which is one step behind, can only Continue to make efforts to catch up with Marvel’s footsteps.

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However, DC, which has finally gained a lot of goodwill with superhero movies such as “Aquaman” and “Wonder Woman”, has been unsatisfactory with some new works in recent years. Take the movie “Wonder Woman 1984” as an example. As the second film in the “Wonder Woman” live-action film series, the domestic box office was only reported at 167 million yuan, far less than the first movie’s 610 million yuan box office. At the same time, Douban, etc. The score has also declined compared to the previous game, which makes the favorability that DC finally gained, and faces the risk of decline.

It is worth noting that at this time, the “old enemy” Marvel has multiple IPs of “Doctor Strange”, “Thor” and “Black Panther” waiting to be launched. It plans to launch new live-action movies this year, which will challenge both inside and outside DC. Film critic Liu He believes that DC has no shortage of original content and IP, but the status quo that is one step behind has made Marvel’s superheroes the first to gain popularity. DC needs more high-quality works to make itself better than Marvel’s production. Stand on your feet.

Seize the opportunity, the actual effect is to be tested

With the release of “The New Batman”, the first wave of viewing feedback has gradually been released. On Douban Movies, as of press time, “The New Batman” has a score of 7.7 points, of which the four-star and five-star ratings account for 49.7% and 20.1%, totaling nearly 70%. On the ticket and Maoyan movies, the film’s ratings were 8.4 and 9.0 points, respectively. At the same time, the buzz about “The New Batman” continues to rise. On the Weibo platform, the topic “New Batman” has been read 790 million times. Regarding the current market feedback, a reporter from Beijing Business Daily contacted the film party, but no response has been received as of press time.

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Perhaps because of the superhero fever brought by “The New Batman”, many new works planned by Marvel are also more anticipated by people, especially “Doctor Strange 2: Madness”, which has been scheduled to land in the North American market in May this year. While “Multiverse” has received attention, its publicity has gradually increased, and a new trailer has been released recently, attracting a lot of attention. It remains to be seen whether DC will be the first to release the layout of “The New Batman” this time.

In Liu He’s view, Marvel and DC are both rivals and friends. “Both started from superhero comics and set foot in more fields such as film and television, so it is inevitable for the two with similar themes and development paths. There is competition, but at the stage when the film and television market has not yet stepped out of the previous challenges, the entire industry needs more works to go back and forth, making the two stand on the same front, and what kind of market structure will the Marvel and DC battle form in the end still depends. The work speaks for itself.”

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