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Marvel’s “Eternal Race” is rated as 18+ by Russia for 156 minutes

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According to information on the Russian website, the duration of “Eternal Race” is 156 minutes (2 hours and 36 minutes). If the information is accurate, this film will be the longest MCU movie except “Avengers 4.” “Reunion 4” lasts 3 hours and 1 minute.

In addition, because it contains LGBTQ+ content, “Eternal Race” is rated as 18+ in Russia, and children are not allowed to watch it. This is also the first 18+ film of Marvel Cinematic Universe in Russia! The previous highest level was 16+ levels of “Avengers 4: Endgame”, “Black Widow”, and “Legend of Shang Qi and Ten Rings”.

This film focuses on the relationship between Richard Madden’s male protagonist Ignatius and Chen Jing/Jama Chen’s female protagonist Circe. The two have a long romantic history and have gone through vicissitudes of life, but later Moving away, what’s interesting is that now Circe and Dane Whitman (Snow Kit Harington) are dating, forming an awkward love triangle…

“Eternal Race” is directed by Zhao Ting and will be released on November 5.


Richard Madden as Iglesias

Chen Jing as the heroine Circe

Snow Kit Harington as the Black Knight

Angelina Jolie as Tina

Salma Hayek as the chief Ajak

Ma Dongxi as Gilgamesh

Kumel Nanjiani as Ginger

Brian Tyree Henry as MCU’s first publicly come out gay superhero Fastos

Deaf actor Lauren Ridloff as Marvel’s first deaf superhero, Macari

Lia McHugh as the Water Elf

Barry Keoghan as Druid


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