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Marvel’s first comedy female “Eagle Eye” is born to take over the archer | Hailee Steinfeld | NTD Chinese TV Online

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Beijing time:2021-11-25 10:05

[NTD News November 25, 2021 Beijing time]The Marvel series “Eagle Eye” premiered on the Disney+ platform. This time, Marvel’s independent album presents different warm and funny styles. Lets come look.

The background of the TV series “Eagle Eye” is set after “Avengers 4: Endgame”, and the location is the streets of New York City full of Christmas atmosphere. The Avengers member “Eagle Eye” Clint Button now has a new mission to celebrate Christmas with the whole family. However, the appearance of past enemies and the emergence of a new generation of “Eagle Eyes” and wayward rich daughter Kate Bishop made Barton, who was planning to retire, unwillingly become the mentor of the new “Eagle Eyes”. A new journey of constant funny, punishing evil and promoting good.

Jeremy Renner, who played “Eagle Eye” in many movies, still plays the big role this time. The new generation of “Eagle Eye” is played by the 24-year-old Hailee Steinfeld. She said that turning a cartoon character into a real image is quite interesting.

Hailee Steinfeld: “It’s a great feeling to find out who she (“Eagle Eye”) is, what her voice is, what she looks like, how she wears it, and even her hairstyle and makeup.”

Stanfield described the new “Eagle Eye” as a clever and witty girl, while Reiner thought she was a naive and kind-hearted little troublemaker. The old and new “Eagle Eyes”, one full of vitality and hope, one tired and tired of the world, what kind of funny scenes will this pair collide with?

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Both the old and new “Eagle Eyes” said that this TV series will bring many surprises to the audience, and it is itself a Christmas gift from Marvel Universe.

Jeremy Renner: “The best gift with a bow.”
Hailee Steinfeld: “That’s it.”

The TV series “Eagle Eye” has a total of 6 episodes and will be launched on November 24.

Comprehensive report by NTD reporter Zhou Qi

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