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Massa claimed a single candidate for the FDT, but assured: “If it is decided that there is a STEP, we will also be there”

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Massa claimed a single candidate for the FDT, but assured: “If it is decided that there is a STEP, we will also be there”

Turned to “last line of defense” of the ruling party to face the economic crisis, even in the midst of the inflationary rampage, and also holding a hard wrestling with the IMF technicians, the Minister of Economy Sergio Massa closed this afternoon the congress of the Front Renovator in Tortuguitas where he demanded that the Frente de Todos “have a candidate to face the challenges that are coming “, but he announced that if there is STEP your space “will be putting the best“.

“I think that the best thing for Argentina and the Frente de Todos is unity, but if it is decided that there is a STEP, write us down in the STEP. We will be there,” Massa stressed.

When closing the Congress of the Renovation Front, the national official pointed out: “We do not extort, we do not pressure, we give our opinion as political leaders. Let no one play the victim, we are all great. Let no one hide behind victimization. Our opinion is that in unity we build a new page to put an end to Argentina’s adjustment and indebtedness.”

The congress of the Renovation Front in Tortuguitas. PHOTO: Telam

“We did politics with me on the plain, we do not need a position to participate or discuss ideas. I don’t need a position to do politicsI do politics because I believe, for the country I dream of,” Massa emphasized.

In addition, he stressed that the Renovation Front had “good and bad” throughout the 10 years since its foundation, but they managed to maintain the “entity” and “unity”.

“Four years ago we put our differences aside,” stressed the Minister of Economy and recalled that in 2019 they were summoned by Cristina Kirchner, whom he defined as “the leader who had the most votes.”

Sergio Massa 1 g_20230610
The leader of the Renovation Front, Sergio Massa. PHOTO: NA

Within this framework, Massa specified that when the Frente de Todos was created, they understood that “it was a time of humility and unity”, since the Renewal Front is “a force that believes in dialogue” and seeks “consensus with those who do not think equal”.

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Likewise, the head of the Palacio de Hacienda specified that “the debt is an additional problem for Argentina”, which “condemned the future of Argentina”, but warned: “I am not one of those who complain and stay crying over problems, I am one of those who seek solutions.

Recalling the currency run and the political crisis that was generated with the departure of Martín Guzmán from the Ministry of Economy, Massa stressed: “They said the helicopter was coming and we did not hide, we put the body on it.”

Sergio Massa 1 g_20230610
The leader of the Renovation Front, Sergio Massa. PHOTO: NA

The minister considers that this internal election will sow the economic path with thorns until December, worse if the electoral harvest of the Frente de Todos is meager, and for this reason some relatives, such as the head of Deputies Cecilia Moreau, came to point out that his resignation was possible, because “he’s fed up”.

In the Renovation Front, voices had already been heard in recent weeks talking about “leaving” the official coalition, all in a framework of internal pressure that, two weeks after the presentation of the lists, is still far from being resolved. And Massa suffers this wear directly in his management, every time worse inflation rates arrive, a situation that the minister attributes in large part to the instability of the ruling party itself.

The truth is that Massa’s Renovation Front became one of the main support legs of the return of Kirchnerism to power.

Sergio Massa analyzes resigning from the Ministry of Economy and moving away from the Frente de Todos

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The appointment of this Saturday of the FR took place in the Arenas stadium (ex Direct TV)located in the Buenos Aires town of Tortuguitasgame of Argentine Falklands.

Front Renovator 1 g_20230610
The congress of the Renovation Front in Tortuguitas. PHOTO: Telam

Massa, against the PASO in the Front of All

It should be noted that, while within the ruling party there is a debate regarding the electoral mechanism to define candidacies, the Minister of Economy has already repeated on numerous occasions his rejection of the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory elections (PASO) how method.

“This wanting to expose in a primary if the government has differences or not, the truth is that it seems to me a very serious mistake,” Massa stressed after the president Alberto Fernandez singled out primaries as the “most democratic” mechanism for the nomination.

Threat and withdrawal, Sergio Massa plays the last cards to achieve a unique candidate

For the Tigrense, the need for space is focused on Agree on a consensus candidate to “be more competitive”. For their part, the governors of the Justicialist Party (PJ) They supported the request a few days ago and folded to demand a single formula through a joint statement.

How was the Congress of the Renewal Front

The national leaders had 4 minutes to develop your exposition during the instance of debate that had as entry time to the 13 hours. In addition, the celebration of the 10 years of the founding of the Renewing Front, which began at 2:30 p.m. and brought together “more than 12 thousand congressmen”.

The Renovation Front met with Máximo Kirchner and asked that there be no STEP

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The headlines of Aysa spoke, Malena Galmarini; and the Chamber of Deputies, Cecilia Moreau; the Secretary of Industry and Productive Development, Jose Ignacio De Mendiguren; and the presidents of Trenes Argentinos, Martin Marinucci; and the National Communications Entity (ENACOM), Claudio Ambrosini, among other leaders.


Cecilia Moreau lasts against the FdT in the run-up to the Congress

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Cecilia Moreau, emphasized that the party event will have a dynamic of political debatewhere there will be no definitions regarding candidacies but approximations towards a strategy that allows “ordering” the Frente de Todos.

“We are not going to make the mistake that we are questioning of defining a candidate before a political strategy,” he declared in radio conversations.

“The first thing we have to do is order the coalition and that accompanies the economic order. There is no economic order if the government does not order itself politically“He remarked, while clarifying that it will not be discussed whether” Massa yes or no.

Cecilia Moreau did not rule out that Massa leaves the Ministry of Economy: “I see it fed up”

In recent days, the deputy had harshly crossed the ambassador in Brazil and presidential candidate, Daniel Scioliwho was accused of “playing internship with cardboard soldiers”instead of fulfilling its functions.

Despite the criticism, Moreau ruled out a break between the Renewal Front and the Frente de Todosalthough he stressed that his referent, Sergio Massa, “cannot be Minister of Economy of a government that is throwing out barbaric means in a STEP when economic stability is at risk“.


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