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Massacre of asbestos in the theater, Bebo Storti: “A civil war”

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Massacre of asbestos in the theater, Bebo Storti: “A civil war”

ROME. On stage the actor and playwright Bebo Storti confronts the public on the subject of asbestos. Doors open in Gavi (in the province of Alessandria) for the show “You won’t hear anything”. According to the “White Paper” on an emergency that has never been declared, asbestos is “the carcinogen of the third millennium, the big killer that has already killed, and continues to kill, and unfortunately will kill hundreds of thousands of human beings, because its fibers cause mesothelioma, lung, larynx and ovarian cancer, and digestive tract (pharynx, stomach and colon), asbestosis, pleural plaques and pleural thickening with cardiovascular and cardiovascular complications. To limit ourselves to the pathologies that are uniquely recognized as “asbestos-related”, without forgetting that among those who are exposed to asbestos there is a higher incidence of all neoplasms and an average survival of less than 7 years).

In the world and above all in Europe, attests the “White Paper”, 125 million workers are still today exposed to asbestos. Not to mention that some developing countries, in addition to continuing to use asbestos, do not carry out epidemiological surveys. Therefore, on the basis of certain data only, limited to mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis, the WHO estimates the effects of occupational exposure to this carcinogen at approximately one million and ten thousand each year. So the season of the Teatro della Juta opened with the show “You won’t hear anything”, an open debate on the theme of asbestos. At the Teatro Civico di Gavi a special evening to gather ideas and experiment with a production still under study. In production for a couple of years, blocked by the pandemic, the show is almost completed but the protagonist and director Bebo Storti wanted to refine the dramaturgical structure in dialogue with those suffering from the infinite emergency in an area battered by asbestos pollution .

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«I stage the semi-serious dialogue with Mr. Death, which starts at the beginning and continues until the end of the show, raising questions and triggering reflections. “You won’t feel anything” is the story of asbestos, which began at the beginning of the 1900s but was already a daughter of ancient times – underlines Bebo Storti-. The martyrology narrators spoke of it, narrating of saints and miracles. In modern times, from the mid-nineteenth century, in England, in the kingdom of Savoy. There was talk of dangers for the workers. Up to fascism and the first post-war period. The economic boom and the 1960s then increased the use of asbestos. And the dead have increased: six thousand a year».

Civil war
Bebo Storti continues: «Asbestos has generated a civil war: business owners against workers, families and children, wives and husbands. The stories are those of the people of the factories, of the lawyers paid by the “steam masters”. Stories of criminal carelessness, made of fear but also of irony when not of comedy. It seems impossible but people know how to laugh at their pains. Meanwhile others are counting their money».

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