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Maturity, Sasso: let’s go back to the written test

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«I have read carefully the statements of those from the world of” adults “, including distinguished university professors, pedagogues, family associations, are launching a serious cry of alarm towards students. A cry that directly calls into question those who, in the face of requests of all kinds from young people little more than adolescents, often show compliance if not real compliance », continues the League’s undersecretary. «In a period – he reasons – also characterized by more or less spontaneous movements of students who occupy the schools (neglecting that after 2 years of pandemic teaching in the presence should be something to be defended with gritted teeth). Many of them complain about the lack of investment, ignoring the PNRR calls for 5 billion euros that started the day before yesterday, or insult and attack school leaders in an often pretext way. But beyond these claims, daughters of a culture with a certain political side, what should make everyone think is the attempt to delegitimize the commitment ». «Our society, already permeated by the disengagement created by the myth of citizenship income, is in fact experiencing a new generational risk, that of disengagement in education and training. The Italian school in truth is not new to the political 6 or to the 18 taken in the occupied universities, with all the disasters that followed. It happens more and more rarely that a student is rejected: by now the cathartic value of failure has been lost to the benefit of a little pedagogical pat on the back », says Rossano Sasso. «For a few weeks now he has been running an online collection of signatures that seems to have been catapulted into the present directly from 1968: abolition of the written test for high school exams. In a few days, tens of thousands of signatures, comments and politics that timidly seem to have sided with the students and their desire (whim). A self-defeating choice – according to the Undersecretary for Education -, both because the written test is an extra opportunity to get a good grade and because it would deprive the children of adequate training, teaching and motivation: if I know that they cancel my writing, why should i practice writing? Already many students write little and badly, also thanks to the digitalization of communication, if we also tell them that there will no longer be the written test then it is the end. I understand the position taken by academics, who evidently have been seeing freshmen who cannot write for some time now, while the shyness of high school teachers amazes and that of politics is embarrassing ”.

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