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Máximo Kirchner: “Milei reads better than Macri, he is more organized, he went looking for time and took time”

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Máximo Kirchner: “Milei reads better than Macri, he is more organized, he went looking for time and took time”

“Unlike (Mauricio) Macri, Milei reads better, has short and medium-term objectives, is a little more organized, understands or seems to understand some economic terms a little more than Macri, he went to Congress to find time and took time , This is real” The reflection corresponds to Maximo Kirchner, and was heard this weekend in a Kirchnerist plenary session, mostly from La Cámpora, representing a kind of lukewarm praise for the president, in addition to undermining Macri, the political figure who always led the hatred of the K neighborhood.

Máximo Kirchner was in charge of closing that meeting on behalf of the Kirchnerist militancy, an occasion in which he ironicized about another aspect of the libertarian discourse: “It was so irrational that there were three tribunes inside Congress singing ‘the caste is afraid’, while they were taken care of.” five thousand police officers.” “Then who is afraid?” he repeated.

For Cristina Kirchner’s son, the presidential invitation to the different political sectors to sign the May Pact in Córdoba “helped him buy time.” “The ball fell in the area, and Milei bounced it and sent it for May 25,” Máximo Kirchner pointed out in a football tone.

“Also, all that spectacle of the Security Forces, how much did it cost?” asked the legislator, head of the PJ Bonaerense, questioning “why five thousand police officers were needed, if even inside the premises there were better behaviors than the last time “It was Alberto (Fernández), when there were opposition deputies who jumped up from the benches, left, pretended to be offended.”

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“This time in Congress there was respectful behavior (from the opposition), what there was (with Milei) was respect,” he said.

For whom there was no praise, it was the Minister of Economy, Luis “Toto” Caputoand in this regard Máximo Kirchner recalled the criticism that Milei himself made at the time to Macri’s then minister. “We are at a time where ‘Toto’ Caputo has one more opportunity. And he has it after the disaster he made. That’s what Milei himself said, who accused him of wasting 15 billion dollars”highlighted Kirchner Jr.

The deputy also diagnosed that the Government “seeks that workers within the formal world confront the informal ones”, promoting that “the people resolve the problems by fighting among themselves” and accused Milei of “enhancing all the miseries and weakening the virtues” of society.

Máximo Kirchner was very critical in the face of Milei’s statements describing the State as a criminal organization: “We come to the conclusion that the State for the president is a criminal organization when it fulfills a social function, but not when Argentinians disappear. It is not an organization when the State appropriates babies, and for the president the State “When it tortures those who think differently or locks them up, it is not a criminal organization either, so we have very antagonistic points of view.”

“I don’t believe that the State is a criminal organization,” he remarked, “I believe that the State should be more efficient? Of course. How can those of us here not understand that the State should be more efficient if one of the characteristics apart many times and capital of the State is the militancy to be able to organize the neighborhoods in order to facilitate public policies or the arrival of public policies?” added the deputy of the Unión por la Patria.

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Finally, he highlighted Milei’s criticism of Alberto Fernández’s management, but pointed out that he pointed out Cristina Kirchner, since he considers that the libertarian is committed to destroying what the former vice president built. “The current President operates as an alibi, and talks about Alberto’s government. But he does not name him, he names Cristina, because the element to be destroyed is not Alberto, the element to be destroyed is another,” evaluated, concluding by highlighting that “from the political point of view, from the capabilities, because what better than to charge a person, who had the presidencies that he had, who has the capacity to write a 33-page document, to call for discussion and debate, without attacking it separately”.

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