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May Pact, first meeting: the Government summons the governors to La Rosada for this Friday

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May Pact, first meeting: the Government summons the governors to La Rosada for this Friday

He Government summoned provincial leaders next Friday to the Casa Rosadain order to establish the steps to follow when signing the “May Pact“, the Office of the President announced in a statement.

The measure was resolved after the meeting held this Monday by the Chief of Staff, Nicolas Posse; the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos; and the Economy pair of him, Luis Caputo.

Before that, on Wednesday holders of the Economy portfolios of the provinces and the Secretary of the Treasury, Carlos Guberman, will meet at the Federal Tax Commission.

In a nod to the governors, the Government confirmed the restitution of the Income Tax

At Friday’s meeting we will look for coordinate the discussion of the approval of the Bases Law and the agreement on the fiscal relief package for the provincesin what would be a give and take of concessions from both sides and the first step prior to the joint signing of the founding document.

THE meeting of the ministers of Economy of the provinces

Before, there will be a technical stop this Wednesday when the economic ministers of the provinces and Guberman meet at the meeting of the Federal Tax Commissiona technical organization that articulates the Control, Supervision and Advice and Interpretation of Financial Relations between the 23 Provinces, the City and the Nation.

There it is possible that they look at each other fine numbers from the budget of each jurisdiction and the impact that the provincial public accounts are having as a result of the strong cut of discretionary transfers applied by the National Government and leaves the provinces financially suffocated.

Javier Miley.

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Los sending funds to the governorates It is one of the spending items in which the Government closed the tap almost 100% and through which tensions escalated with the provinces.

According to a report released by the Argentine Institute of Fiscal Analysis (IARAF), “in February the provinces received $18.25 billion, which implies a nominal interannual drop of 55% and a real one of 88 percent.”

“If the accrued expense is considered, a nominal increase of 26.2% and a real decrease of 67% was observed,” he added.

Libertarian curiosities: Milei explained why he chose Córdoba for his May Pact

In fact, half of the provinces received less than 18 million pesos during February and some did not receive them at all.

“The National Government maintains its commitment to dialogue with the 23 governors and the Head of Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires in search of the necessary agreements to abandon the recipes for failure and return to the path of prosperity, growth and development of our Homeland,” he reported in the statement calling for the provinces.

In this dialogue, they will seek to put the accounts of both sides on track through a fiscal pact that ensure funds to the provinces in exchange for concessions in the laws.


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