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Mayday Axin Posts 2000 Romantic Ingenuity on Weibo – Guangming Daily

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A Xin Mayday, a well-known Internet lover, is very active on Facebook, Ig, etc., and he wrote a long sentimental article to commemorate his 2000th post on Weibo a few days ago. Thank you all for this. Accompanying all the way for 12 years, I also promised that “one day, that number will stay there and no longer update. That will be the very distant, very distant future. The most distant future. Before that, I will continue to be here, with Everyone shares new works and lives.”

Ashin perceptually mentioned: “We went from cheering for exams, blessings for graduation, encouragement from work, congratulations for weddings… In the few lines of text that are always short, or the only one frame of photos, I seem to be together Participated in your life.” Although Ashin is now posting less frequently, he emphasizes that “it’s not that I missed less, but that my life is simpler.” He still cherishes that he can talk to other places through Weibo during the epidemic. Opportunity for fans to connect.

Many fans were moved by Ashin’s post, leaving a message “Let’s go to a farther future together”, and some people found that he even arranged the time for posting, specially selected to send it at 20:00, echoing the 2000th post, which made fans admire. So ingenious and romantic, he is indeed a romantic poet Chen”.

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