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“Meeting Season” Plot Upgrade Lei Jiayin and Yuan Quan Join Hands on a Healing Journey

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“Meeting Season” Plot Upgrade Lei Jiayin and Yuan Quan Join Hands on a Healing Journey

“Meeting Season” Plot Upgrade Lei Jiayin and Yuan Quan Join Hands on a Healing Journey

2022-03-09 17:09:48Source: Beiqing Net

The popularity of “Meeting Season” has not diminished. Plot upgrade Lei Jiayin and Yuan Quan join hands on a healing journey

Produced by Noon Sunshine, the original author Anai is the screenwriter, Jian Chuanqi is directing, Hou Hongliang is the chief producer, Fang Hui is the producer, Lei Jiayin and Yuan Quan are the leading actors, Zhang Yixing, Jia Nailiang, Luo Haiqiong, Liang Guanhua, Lian Lian, Yan Xiaopin, Starring Sun Ning and Zhu Zimo, and starring Li Naiwen, Wang Churan and Zhang Li, the urban drama “Meeting Season” is currently being broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite TV, Dragon TV and Youku. The play revolves around decades of grievances and grievances between two families and two generations. It tells the story of Jian Hongcheng (played by Lei Jiayin) and Ning You (played by Yuan Quan) after their middle-aged reunion, facing the middle-aged crisis and resolving the feud. As the episode aired more than halfway, the discussion on the whole network continued to rise, whether it was the escalating feud between Jianning and Ning, or the family, career, family, love and friendship that each person in the show is experiencing. Crisis and challenges have always affected the hearts of the audience. “It seems that everyone can find a microcosm of their own life in this play and find a way to resolve the mess of life”, as the audience said, this is the play The most precious thing.

The sisters and brothers of the Jian family revealed that the estrangement in their hearts gradually disappeared, and the warm-hearted friendship of the “threesome” was upgraded again

With the re-emergence of the grievances between Jane and Ning in last week’s drama, the relationship between all parties in this week’s drama will usher in a new turning point in the old crisis. In order to avoid contact between the two families and intensify the conflict again, Jian Hongcheng mobilized the relationship to arrange for Ning Shu (played by Zhang Yixing) to go to Hainan to work. Ning You was worried that his family would not understand, so he lied that going to Hainan was his arrangement, and persuaded his mother Ning Hui (played by Yan Xiaopin). ) moved out of Linshui together, but was scolded as a traitor. The emotional Ning You said that his mother’s aggressiveness was an important reason for his father’s impulsiveness. He directly poked Ning’s mother’s sore spot. This mother-daughter dispute attracted countless audiences to sigh. . The Ning family’s mother and son left Linshui. Although their relationship with Ning You was deadlocked, they pressed the pause button for the conflict between the Jian and Ning families. On the other hand, Jian Minmin (played by Luo Haiqiong) was dissatisfied with the small amount of shares, refused to sign the new group equity agreement, and went to the company to confront Jian Hongcheng. During the verbal complaints, Jian Hongcheng learned for the first time that his sister funded his business and was forced to use marriage. He was deeply touched by saving the factory and other old things, and then he redrawn the equity agreement and went to the door to sincerely apologize and thank his sister. Jian Minmin finally let go of his grievances and unwillingness. The three brothers and sisters broke their hearts and had a rare reunion dinner.

In addition to family entanglements, the friendship of the “three groups” has also been upgraded again in the test. Tian Jingye (played by Jia Nailiang) finds that his ex-wife Shao Yan (played by Zhao Ran) and his new boyfriend Li Bo (played by Liu Yang) have a conflict at home, and in a hurry, he breaks into the door and hurts Li Bo. Facing the double “offensive” of Jian Hongcheng’s compensation and Ning You’s bitter reconciliation, Shao Yan insisted on not reconciling, saying that unless Tian Jingye agreed to see the child, he would be sent to prison again. Under the persuasion of Jian Hongcheng and Ning You, Tian Jingye reluctantly agreed to take a long-term plan, but Shao Yan was threatened with blackmail by his “hired” fake boyfriend, and had no choice but to postpone the reconciliation. Jian Hongcheng and Ning You, who went to the hospital without telling their friends, broke the truth, and then acted in a play, even coaxing and intimidating Li Bo to give up the entanglement and agree to reconciliation. As a result, Shao Yan’s attitude finally softened, allowing Tian Jingye See your child with advance notice.

The truth of life under the camera makes people think through the mature view of life in the drama

Since the launch of “Meeting Season”, although Jian Hongcheng and Ning You are trapped in family grievances and their own life is a piece of chicken feathers, the two have not given up finding the warmth of life in the complex contradictions, using rational thinking to resolve meaningless tearing, The mature outlook on life conveyed in it allows the audience to think, understand, and be “healed” after each “break”. In last night’s episode, Jane and Ning, who had helped their friends temporarily relieve their heartbreak, had a good talk on their way back to Shanghai. Ning You’s blurted out “I care about living”, after years of missing and bitterness, both relieved her own feelings. Stubbornness also cured Jian Hongcheng’s stagnation, and also touched the hearts of countless audiences with “difficulty in peace”, calling out “life is not easy, but the world is worth it”, saying that he feels that he has been injected with a sense of strength that dares to face the future; Another example, in the face of the stalemate between Tian Jingye and his ex-wife, the different solutions of Jian Hongcheng’s “money” and Ning You’s “heart” have also triggered discussions on “the difference in thinking between men and women” across the Internet, and many people began to think about life. The importance of “transposition” and “communication”.

At the end of last night’s episode, Hui Hui (played by Zhu Zimo) mistakenly thought that his mother, Ning You, saw the enemy’s family privately. Clear the misunderstanding? And can Ning Shu, who has just arrived in Hainan, really put into work step by step and live a stable life? Tonight, please lock Zhejiang Satellite TV, Dragon TV, Youku, and more exciting stories of “Meeting Season” are waiting to be unlocked.

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