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Meghan goes into politics and targets the White House

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The Duchess of Sussex Meghan has decided to get into politics, and the former Suits actress’s ultimate goal is where the spotlight is always on: the White House. He writes it “The Spectator”, An authoritative British weekly, in an article that analyzes all the reasons that authorize this scenario to be credible and possible.

The public outings of Prince Harry’s wife seem entirely occasional to the most casual observers. But there is a thread that binds them, as if a car driven by the best strategy and communication experts had already been set in motion. In recent months Meghan has made a high-level visit to the United Nations, won a libel suit against the “Daily Mail“, she was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, she published a children’s book, she was posted by”Time“Among the 100 most influential people in the world, he wrote in the”New York Times”, She contributed with her husband to the drafting of a benevolent biography that became a bestseller, and her face often appears on the covers of many magazines.

Carefully sown the ground, Meghan then decided on a more direct approach, sending to the American Congress, in the person of its president Nancy Pelosi, a letter in which she solicits, as a mother of two children, the approval of a provision for the assignment of a salary to parents who ask for a leave from work to look after their children. Smart move, because it breaks open an open door: the Democratic party has already presented a similar law in the Build Back Better Act, which will soon go to approval. But the letter served to be received by a group of deputies to discuss the issue and to talk about it in a couple of meetings in New York. When the law is approved, the important thing will be to be present in the photograph.

Meghan signed the letter “Duchess of Sussex”, the role she fled from leaving the Royal Family. The Queen had expressly forbidden to use the title for political purposes, but Meghan will be able to argue that these are social and humanitarian purposes, not political. Not yet, at least. To the skeptics who think Meghan doesn’t have the preparation to aim so high, “The SpectatorRemember that other B-movie actors have done it, just think of Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor of California and didn’t run for the presidency just because he was born in Austria. Democrats are attracted to celebrities and after Obama looked so good on TV and in photos they toyed with the idea of ​​running George Clooney or Oprah Winfrey. If you are famous, half of the campaign work is already done.

American royals expert Kinsei Schofield told Alexander Larman, correspondent for The Spectator: «It has been confirmed that Meghan met with some Democrats in March to hear their opinions. At the same time she appeared several times along with Michelle Obama, Stacey Abrams, Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris. She knows that in people’s perception you are the person you associate with, and is positioning herself alongside a leftist female leadership. He is incredibly smart and calculating when it comes to his career. He looks for the right people and positions and abandons them once circumstances change for the better. “

That’s exactly what many of the people who helped Meghan claim: her father, her brothers, her first husband, the famous cook she had an affair with in Toronto, and almost all of her former friends who have helped her in her rise. and then, like everyone else, they were abandoned. “The SpectatorHeard a Republican election strategy expert, who believes Meghan is making the climb to the White House with two paths: “In the first, she is using California as a stepping stone. In the other it is jumping directly on the presidency. If Joe Biden does not accept re-election, he should simply move to Iowa, cultivate common sense and try to persuade activists in the land of corn that he can revive the Obama model of combining vague progressivism with stardom. “

Meghan, according to the strategist, is expected to begin laying the groundwork for a Senate candidacy in 2024. Current Democratic Senator and former San Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein does not want to run again, and that will leave a coveted seat available and spark a civil war between the California Democrats that the Duchess could take advantage of. As a California senator, the road to a 2028 presidential nomination would be wide open, says the expert.

In Britain Meghan is hated, but American voters do not vote on the basis of what the British think. In the United States, she likes her, because she has brought progressive ideas and emotion to the British monarchy, so suffocating and closed that it forced her to flee and even poor Harry to safety. The victim who rebels and flees for freedom is an archetype of American culture and Meghan played her cards very well by accusing the Royal Family of racism in Oprah Winfrey’s TV studio, the place where the country’s public opinion is formed today. .

In an age where celebrities who don’t declare themselves victims of something risk irrelevance, Meghan has placed herself on a safe and conspicuous pedestal. And “The Spectator” rightly writes that in the historical memory of the future, the exact moment Meghan went from celebrity to politician will be when Oprah dropped her jaw in a mock expression of surprise when, with wet eyes, the Duchess he told her about the Windsor racism from which she had fled.

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