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Meitu Enhances Beauty Consumer Experience and Helps Brands Explore More Commercial Space-Qianlong.com.cn

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Source Title: Meitu Enhances Beauty Consumer Experience and Helps Brands Exploit More Commercial Space

Recently, the “Shanghai Cosmetics Industry High-Quality Development Action Plan (2021-2023)” was released. It is proposed that by 2023, the Shanghai cosmetics market will strive to reach 300 billion yuan, and the main business income of the cosmetics industry will exceed 100 billion yuan. 10 leading companies with an operating income of more than 5 billion yuan, and more than 10 high-quality companies with an operating income of more than 2 billion yuan; owning 3-5 leading brands going international, cultivating 20 domestic first-class classic brands, incubating a number of trendy and cutting-edge brands, independent of Shanghai The brand market share has increased year by year.

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Benefiting from consumption upgrades and the rise of e-commerce platforms, the beauty market has grown rapidly. In the process of the rise of beauty makeup, Internet technology companies represented by Meitu have used technology to empower the industry and provide multi-dimensional support for the rapid development of the industry.

Enabling the industry with technology to continuously improve the consumer experience

At present, the beauty industry has entered the fast lane of development. According to the data of the Ecological Report on Cosmetics Stores in 2021, China’s beauty market will reach 862 billion yuan in 2020.

With the rapid development of the industry, the subdivision of functional skin care has also received increasing attention. The “2021 Meitu Aesthetics User Value Report” shows that efficacy, texture and word-of-mouth recommendations are the most important factors for users when buying beauty products. However, for ordinary consumers, there are still challenges in how to judge the effective ingredients of products and find suitable products.

In order to provide better services to users and the industry, Meitu uses technology to empower the industry and continue to improve the consumer experience.

Meitu’s new beauty business, Meitu Aesthetics, recruits in-depth consumers who have researched the beauty industry, builds an evaluation system for facialists, and launches the “Meitu Aesthetics Research List” on this basis. Through the real use experience of Yan researcher, it provides consumption guidance for users to become beautiful, and helps brands reach the 300 million Bianmei user group of the Meitu aesthetics platform.

In June of this year, the first half of 2021 @cosme美妆大赏 was launched on the Meitu Aesthetics channel. Meitu Aesthetics became the exclusive domestic cooperation platform of the famous Japanese cosmetics list @cosme美妆大赏. Both parties are committed to bringing transparent and fair beauty ranking information and good word of mouth to users, providing users with more value.

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The first half of 2021 @cosme beauty awards launches Meitu aesthetics channel

Accurately grasp user needs to promote beautyMakeup brandupgrade

For a long time, some small and medium-sized cosmetics companies will face problems such as insufficient promotion and marketing expenses, which makes their products unable to be recognized by more consumers. The emphasis on the product itself implicit in the @cosme system gives small and medium-sized enterprises that are willing to work hard to polish their products a chance to stand out in the market.

@cosme has collaborated with Meitu Aesthetics in June this year to create a “Single Product Meeting Destiny” event, which has set off an upsurge of experience among consumers. Recently, @cosme once again joined forces with Meitu Aesthetics to create a pop-up store “Second Bomb that Meets Destiny” to provide users with a rich and immersive experience of changing beauty.

@cosmeX Meitu aesthetic pop-up store scene

In addition, Meitu Aesthetics and @cosme jointly created the Treasure Award for Heart Selection, which will collect beauty products from the entire network, and select the most popular products through the popular vote to enter the professional testing and expert review process, and finally screen out A real beauty.

From the perspective of quality needs, the Xuanxuan Treasure Award helps consumers discover beauty products and allows real and high-quality products to reach consumers. Combining user feedback and product market performance, Meitu Aesthetics will also help small and medium-sized cosmetics companies adjust their research and development directions and more accurately grasp user needs.

Wu Xinhong, the founder and CEO of Meitu, once said that the cosmetics market is gradually returning to rationality. He hopes to use Meitu as the fulcrum to call for the industry to return to the essence of products. Product-powered products help users make personalized choices.

Beauty brands are undergoing rapid upgrading, and the industrial logic centered on products will become a solid foundation for industrial development. In the future, Meitu will rely on a scientific layout and always extend its boundaries around “beauty” to promote the innovation and upgrading of beauty brands.

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