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Melvins – The Devil You Knew, The Devil You Know

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Melvins – The Devil You Knew, The Devil You Know

von Oliver
am 1. August 2023
in Compilation, EP

The infallible divine institution Melvins celebrates its 40th anniversary – among other things with a new recording of the first EP Six Songs under the banner The Devil You Knew, The Devil You Know.

For a sporty $5 per CD version, Dale Crover and King Buzzo bundle the 1968 originals (recorded at the time with bassist Matt Lukin) with this year’s revisions, which of course have their current man for these purposes, Steven McDonald, on the woofer.
For me there’s times as an artist or musician when you KNOW you nailed it, and I gotta say I was pretty jazzed with art results hitting it square in the nuts for this, a high bar, as excited as I am about this release. It’s kinda the perfect culmination of our working relationship that has spanned damn near the full 40 years these creeps have been at it. Yeah yeah it’s rooted in nostalgia neither the band or I usually have a lot of time for, but also showing the creative vitality us dinosaurs can still muster as we continue to indelicately stomp around.‘ breaks down AmRep So stop the euphoria.

Essentially staying pretty close to the originals, the differences between the two perspectives are of The Devil You Knew, The Devil You Know However, it is abundantly clear when the more professionally produced reworking rises above the raw demo attack instead of the original, dirtier and more filthy to ascetic Eyehategod reminiscent noise rock aesthetics makes everything sound massive and precise in a sludgy mass at the same time Melvins put their unmistakable signature sound above everything else, the drums roll more powerfully and Buzz uses his gut-wrenching trademark voice to build up the relationship between riffs, grooves and melodies in a more powerful, but less nasty way.
In short: the new, modern versions just sound like the classic ones Melvins-Identity associated – but by no means depriving the originals of their essential charisma: both the one and the other option have their absolute charms, between which you don’t have to decide because of the strong songwriting. The only important thing is to celebrate this band – and all the great gifts for their 40s!

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