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Memories from a dance major Pasiim

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Memories from a dance major  Pasiim

Not that I was into dance, but pasiim’s winter collection immediately reminded me of my dancing friends, the ones who would work very hard to make their sweatshirts and sweatpants look soft enough and god forbid not new.
Idit says: “Those who know us already know that as much as we love stripes, we love the spaces more. the moments in life where there is no effort. This is the spirit behind this collection: the small moments in which we are most comfortable. Clothes for the comforting moments
Some textile namedropping: Each item in this collection is painted with wash dyeing, the edges are sanded and cut without finishing, manually, one by one. The cotton is organic cotton with the OEKO-TEX standard.

Memories from 2022: Things I wrote about the brand when it was established.
It’s not Sunday without discounts: There is also a 15% discount on the entire site, including double promotions (and there are lots of discounts), with the code shelly15.
The code is valid until Saturday night, 10/2, at midnight.
Some personal ownership From the collection, but the code will work on the whole site (maybe there is some striped shirt left in your size):

First row above, from left to right (the links are for a specific item, but there are several colors of each model. There are discounts on the website, my code will give another discount):
01 Sweatpants that look a bit like tailored pants, so you can leave the house with them even if you don’t believe in wearing sweatpants outside the house. Perfect flight pants. The xl fit a size 44. I wear them and I’m a size 46, they’re just tighter on the legs (and it also loosens while wearing).
02 Oversized sweatpants with an extension like a sweatshirt sleeve. The winner of the title of the pampering model of this collection. If you take a color that is not Stone Wash (for example, the shade is sand), you can take a size smaller than you think. I wear them in a size large.
03 hoodie. Instantly falling in love (mainly thanks to the fact that it is cut with a collar). Note that this is a relatively dense model (for me it is too dense, but for others it is considered an advantage).
Second row, from left to right:
04 Yes, there are also golfers here.
05 An oversized sweatshirt that allows girls.
06 Sweatpants with elastic at the bottom. These are relatively straightforward. I have included here the three pants models of the collection because I have a hard time deciding which one is my favorite.
Submission proposal: Work from home uniforms

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Top with hat / thick socks / sweatpants / Birkenstock Boston model with fur
Leotard, sweatpants, leggings and let’s try to catch the moon with our bare hands.

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