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Messi thanked the people, asked that they “enjoy all this”, but did not want to dance

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Messi thanked the people, asked that they “enjoy all this”, but did not want to dance

As always, he was the great figure of the night, out of 10 photos, 9 will always be his, and his free throws paved the way to victory and after the 2-0 defeat of Panama. We talk of course about Leo Messiwho thanked the people for their support and asked “Enjoy all this, because we don’t know when it will happen again.” However, beyond his serious words, In networks the funny scene that he starred in with the stands was celebratedwhen they began to ask him in chorus “Let Messi dance, the p…”.

Papu Gómez was not there this time, which is lucky “official dancer” de la Scaloneta, and Dibu Martínez had already shown his classic little step, so when the people began with the request for the captain to start with the dance, he began to make “no” with his fingerand even recriminated some of his colleagues who encouraged that choir, to put “10” in trouble, and also laughing because they knew that this “request” was uncomfortable for him.

The scene lasted a minute. and remained among the smiles of the night, even the journalists in TyC laughed because Leo “began to scratch his beard, he’s nervous.” And in the end there was no dancing, Leo passed the trance without dancing:

In the serious and emotional part of his brief message to the stands, Messi said “I want to thank you for all the love we have been receiving, not only for being world champions, but even before, for the Copa América. We had said that we were going to do everything possible for this”, while caressing the cup, and even repeated the scene in which he went to the campus with the trophy to end up raising it.

Messi made a great goal from a free kick. PHOTO: NA

What Messi said after the friendly against Panama

“I have always personally dreamed of this moment, to be able to celebrate with you, to come to my country, to Argentina, to lift a Copa América, the Finalissima and the greatest thing, which is the World Cup”, added the captain of the Selection.

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He’s crazy: the dance that Dibu Martínez put in that drove the fans crazy at the Monumental stadium

“I know it’s our day, where the champions are celebrating, but I don’t want to forget all the colleagues who were there before, who also did everything possible to achieve this and we were very close to the Copa América and the World Cup. They deserve all the recognition of the Argentine people, because they also gave up everything for this shirt”, he also pointed out in gratitude to so many names who played by his side, without happy endings.

Messi with his family. PHOTO: NA

“Let’s enjoy this, it took a long time to win it again and we don’t know how long it will take for it to happen again, hopefully it won’t take so many years. It has been shown that it is very difficult to win the World Cup, it depends on many things, not only from a great group and a great team and sometimes you can’t get details because of details, so let’s enjoy the third star”closed the Argentine star in the midst of euphoria. And there was no little dance for the tribune…


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