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Metallica Band Releases Title Song “72 Seasons”, Ready To Come Back With 11th Album

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Metallica Band Releases Title Song “72 Seasons”, Ready To Come Back With 11th Album

“72 Seasons” is the fourth single and title track from the legendary metal band Metallica’s upcoming studio album of the same name.

The kick-off single for the new album Metallica released last year is called “Lux Æterna”. After that, the next two compositions including “Screaming Suicide” and “If Darkness Had a Son” also aired this year, respectively. On the evening of March 30, Metallica just released the title song “72 Seasons” with the official MV lasting more than 8 minutes, thereby conveying the key messages that the artists want to convey in the upcoming album. next.

Like “a rampage of men”, the song was penned by frontman James Hetfield, drummer Lars Ulrich and guitarist Kirk Hammett. “72 Seasons” is about the difficulties people go through in adulthood. In particular, the Metallica band continues to entertain fans with a series of fast-paced, powerful sounds with the highlight of heavy riffs or a fiery solo from artist Kirk Hammett himself.

The album “72 Seasons” is the reflections from the Metallica band about each person’s adulthood.

Scheduled to be released on April 14, “72 Seasons” is the 11th studio album in Metallica’s career, following the project “Hardwired… to Self-Destruct” that American artists released. public since 2016. Produced by Grammy Award-winning musician and sound engineer/recording engineer Greg Fidelman, the new disc is over 77 minutes long with a total of 12 compositions.

Explaining the title of the album (roughly translated as “72 seasons”), lead vocalist James Hetfield once shared that 72 seasons have passed corresponding to the first 18 years of life. This is the stage where each person shapes themselves, knows who they are or what their personality is like, and it affects their perception of the world. “Much of our adult experience is a re-enactment or counter-reaction to what we experienced in childhood. Either become prisoners of childhood or choose to break free from the bondage that each person is carrying“, expressed James Hetfield.

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Metallica’s song “72 Seasons” on online platforms.

Metallica’s “72 Seasons” music video.

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