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Milei appointed a former Menem official as director of Banco Nación: who is it?

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Milei appointed a former Menem official as director of Banco Nación: who is it?

Armando Daniel Guibertformer official of Carlos Menem’s government and promoter of State reform during the mandate, in the ’90s, He was appointed as the new director of the Banco de news Argentina. His arrival takes place after the departure of Daniel Tillard, a man close to the former governor of Córdoba, Juan Schiarettiin the midst of the libertarian’s war with the governors after the fall of the Omnibus Law in Congress.

The officialization was published in the Official Gazette through the Decree 146/2024. The new public official will fulfill the role in quality “to honor”, so you will not receive a salary. At the same time, will continue to lead the Secretary of State Transformation and Public Functiona portfolio that is controlled by the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers, under the orbit of Nicolás Posse.

Guibert was Undersecretary of Reform and Modernization and He was in charge of the reform of the State in the period of Carlos Menem at the head of the Executive. It should be noted that, on multiple occasions, Milei has highlighted the former president, cataloging him as “the best in Argentine history.”

His appointment at Banco Nación It occurs in a context in which the Government seeks to advance with privatization of the banking entity. Recently, the guild The Bank issued a warning, indicating that Federico Sturzenegger, advisor to the presidency and drafter of the Base Law project, contacted its leadership to begin the privatization process by converting the financial institution into a public limited company.

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Ignacio Yacobucci was appointed head of the UIF

Simultaneously with the confirmation of Guibert as head of Banco Nación, the National Government formalized, through the Decree 142/2024, the appointment of lawyer Ignacio Yacobucci as the new president of the Financial Information Unit (UIF)while appointing Manuel Tessio as the vice president of the entity.

The FIU It is an autonomous and self-sufficient organization that operates under Justice and is responsible for the analysis, processing and transmission of information for the purposes of preventing and impeding money laundering and the financing of terrorism. He will replace Juan Carlos Oterowho had been appointed by the Alberto Fernández administration in December 2021.

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