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Milei defended the adjustment for retirees: “There is no money, and they are the sector that has the lowest percentage of poverty”

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Milei defended the adjustment for retirees: “There is no money, and they are the sector that has the lowest percentage of poverty”

the presidentit’s Javier Milei, In the interview with Jonatan Viale, he confirmed the $70,000 bonus for retirees who earn the minimum, he described that the current Retirement Mobility Law “is a horror, that’s why we wanted to change it,” but when the journalist pointed out how hard it was to adjust to the elderly, the president’s response did not show much empathy, highlighting “there’s no money” but adding that he does not consider the sector as especially affected, to the point that he said “Do you know which age segment has the least poverty in Argentina? The retirees.”

“You have to make a bonus because the formula is horrible. If you have to be generating bonuses all the time it’s because the formula doesn’t work. NWe were proposing a formula that would at least maintain the purchasing power of retirees“said the president in TN.

Then he analyzed: “The problem in Argentina is that everyone became poorer. Do you know which age segment has the least poverty in Argentina? The retired“, he mentioned. “But we cannot adjust the retirees,” The journalist reproached him, pointing out that one cannot live with 200 thousand pesos, but the president replied: “Well, the problem is that there is no money… You are adjusting the youngest ones too, there are more than 60% poor people there or, rather, two thirds of the kids are poor,” thereby implicitly putting the children ahead of the old.

The president stated that “the adjustment is being paid by the caste” and also took the opportunity to continue his claim for the failed “omnibus” law that Congress did not approve: “But they overturned the Base Law, where the recomposition of retirees was. That is, with the dynamics that the formula brought, retirees were going to lose 2 points of GDP. “We gave him back a point and a half.”

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“We were the ones who proposed changing the type of adjustment and imposing some taxes precisely so that they would not suffer. But as They decided to make a mess, they had to release chapter 4 because they were blowing up the tax program. Then they tell you that they want to help you, but deep down They are the same as Grabois, they want me to explode against the wall”, Milei complained in the interview.

Milei described as “chantas” those who measure poverty “by looking at the exchange rate”

Viale asked him if he would send a new project that was specific to the problem of retirees and Milei responded: “Yes, but first we will have to reach an agreement with the Base Lawbecause the governors are asking Guillermo Francos, Nicolás Posse, and ‘Toto’ Caputo for a clue because now they realized.”The red circle does not see her“I would tell you that my presence causes quite a bit of repulsion, because I am proof that the model they worked with is wrong,” he postulated.

Do you know what is the worst of all? We are making the biggest adjustment in Argentine history and my image is at the same levels as when I took office. People understand that the alternative path was much worse. If we had fallen into hyperinflation, we would have had 95% poor people,” Milei warned. Also He described those who measure poverty “by looking at the exchange rate” as “chantmen”. “The UCA made a linear extrapolation, which is worse, even more outrageous. It is very serious,” he commented.

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Milei stressed that the IMF is “satisfied” with its management

In the same interview, Javier Milei assured that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is “satisfied” with its economic management and stressed that a new agreement could be explored. Referring to the meeting he held this Thursday with the deputy director of the International Monetary Fund, Gita Gopinath, he confirmed that the Government could reach a new agreement with the organization, as Minister Caputo anticipated.

“We had a very good meeting, it is very easy to run the meeting because having the possibility of discussing with an economist president simplifies the conversation. She told us that The IMF is satisfied with the task we are carrying out and ponders the task I have to do. “They are willing to accompany us,” Milei said. In this regard, she noted that the official was surprised by her profile: “He couldn’t believe it, he was surprised by my level of orthodoxy”he assured.

Javier Milei said that he will promote a law to punish officials who issue pesos

“The IMF promised to continue accompanying us and that implies that, if they are willing, they endorse a program. Their position is to work alongside us, are committed to our success, Are you ok with it. For them it is an emblematic case. We just made an unexpected adjustment“said the national leader.

In addition, the president highlighted the management of the Minister of Economy in the “cleanup of the Central Bank.” “To get an idea of ​​the consolidation that Caputo is doing at the Central Bank: the monetary base did not change, but we issued money to buy dollars and for remunerated reserves. “I have the same monetary base that I had at the beginning,” he added.

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Meanwhile, the head of the Executive Branch He was confident that the inflation rate for February will be below 15%. “We are surprised because, despite having a statistical drag of 6 or 7 points, in January (the Consumer Price Index published by INDEC) gave around 20% and if you remove the drag it would be below 15% in February,” the president stressed.


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