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Milei is already in Washington to speak at the conservative conference that will star Trump

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Milei is already in Washington to speak at the conservative conference that will star Trump

Javier Miley He arrived in Washington this Saturday to participate in a conservative conference that will have the former president as its top figure. Donald Trump.

The President arrived this morning on a commercial flight and will stay a few hours in United States territory, to be part of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). He will speak today, Saturday at 5 p.m., Argentine time.

The delegation is made up of his sister and general secretary Karina Milei and the future ambassador to the USA, Gerardo Wertheinwho awaits the ratification of his designation in the Argentine Senate.

He is also accompanied by Santiago Oría, the filmmaker who records his movements and who caused a stir during the trip by telling in X that The President was “cracking laughing” watching the reactions of Chubut governor Ignacio Torres, with whom he has a fight over public funds.

In the United States they will be joined by the Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrichwho already gave his speech last Wednesday at the inauguration.

Elisa Carrió, with everything against the Milei government: “We ended up in chaos”

The President will make his presentation at a hotel and convention center on the outskirts of Washington. The closing will be led by Trump, a traditional speaker at the forum and today he is at the center of the scene, since he once again has a chance of being the President if he runs in the November elections.

Milei, Bukele and Abascal among the international guests

In addition to the Argentine President, the Salvadoran Nayib Bukele, the former British Prime Minister Liz Truss, the leader of Vox Santiago Abascal and the deputy Eduardo Bolsonarothe son of the former Brazilian president.

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“Milei is focused on the fight against socialism and corruption in his nation. We believe he has captured the spirit of those who see the betrayal of globalist elites. American Patriots Are Rooting For Him To Succeed And We Like The Chainsaw Too“, Matt Schlapp, president of the CPAC, had pointed out when he confirmed the Argentine’s attendance.

Although Milei’s approach to Trump may have consequences with the current president, Joe Biden, the Government clarified that the meeting with the former US president is reduced to participation in the forum.

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