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Mini Urban Store, the evolution continues

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Mini Urban Store, the evolution continues

ROME – Electrification and sustainability go hand in hand with the evolution of sales processes, which include a new relationship with the user. In this perspective, the Mini Urban Store has just been inaugurated in Rome, in via Barberini 94, which now sports a new look, opening its doors to the “eternal city”. Launched in 2014 as a Pop Up Store, it has transformed over the years to become the Mini Roma Urban Store in 2016, confirming itself as a strategic location for the BMW Group, in the center of the capital, focusing on the “customer experience”.

The current transformation aims to further improve interaction with users by offering an immersive, inclusive, interactive and cutting-edge experience. In line with the BMW Group’s philosophy of offering an omnichannel experience that integrates digital with human relationships, the new Mini Urban Store intends to offer moments to share with the public, through which to convey the brand’s values, passion and ties with Mini. The new structure will focus on three pillars, namely the centrality of the user, sustainability and brand experience that will accompany all phases: from reception to delivery of the car, in an integrated process made up of suggestions, experiences and people.

“We want to cultivate moments to share with customers where we can convey the brand values, passion and bond with Mini – said Massimiliano Di Silvestre, president and CEO of BMW Italia – We want to make the world of tomorrow’s mobility dream and accompany customers into the future, exciting them, fueling their passion, making them feel part of the warm Mini community. To achieve this strategic objective we have brought design, technology, digitization and customization into the next generation Mini; a renewed human relationship, brilliant and competent such as to accompany our customers in the brand experience and a new home with new architectural and digital standards”. Technology and digitization to optimize the user experience will be combined with hospitality and an immersive experience in the brand which, according to the house, remain the focal point for generating a human relationship, capable of making the user feel an integral part of the Mini community.

“The new style of the Mini showroom is focused on flexibility – added Salvatore Nanni, managing director of BMW Rome – comfort and emotions. A key role is played by the Product Genius which guides the customer on a personal journey through discovery, interest, liking, evaluation to finally arrive at the purchase decision, finalized with the seller, and the delivery experience. We have created a welcoming place by eliminating architectural barriers, a digital place by inserting touch screens, distributed evenly throughout the store with the intention of offering a sensory experience, but also inclusive, thanks to the areas created to offer coworking spaces, equipped with Wifi,

Stefan Hofer, Stefanie Wurst, Massimiliane Di Silvestre and Salvatore Nanni

Stefan Hofer, Stefanie Wurst, Massimiliane Di Silvestre and Salvatore Nanni

where you can take a break from the urban frenzy of a big city like Rome”.

“The world we live in is witnessing the strongest wave of urban growth in history – underlined Stefanie Wurst, head of Mini – It is in times like these that people crave the positive spirit that Mini represents. We are providing answers to questions about tomorrow’s urban mobility and how to improve city life: Mini will be an all-electric car brand with a responsible offering, targeting a digital community. We are strengthening our ecosystem (digital and otherwise) to make the Mini Community an immersive experience involving the brand, the product and, above all, the touchpoints and experiences of our customers”. The celebrations for the inauguration of the renewed Mini Urban Store will continue until 2 December with evening appointments that will also involve the nearby BMW Urban Store in Rome. (Maurilio Rigo)

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